Wakeup Call Message
July 12, 2005



 St. Germain


This is a time, my dear ones for all of you to be frugal in your thoughts toward the ones who have for so long been carrying you down the path to tyranny. With this frugalness you will find that your thoughts create a world that reflects the peace in your hearts. I AM St Germain, and I come to offer you something that can bring not only peace into your life, but a feeling of love for all life on this planet.


When you bring a thought into your field, you do so with the Divine in full working order. This means that your thoughts create that which they represent. Guard your thoughts well, for with them you can move mountains and you can also destroy worlds.


This is a well-known fact to those who would seek to dominate. They use this knowledge to bring the world of the ones they wish to overrule into their domain. Watch as you give thought to the ones whom you wish to see removed. There is a fine line here to being able to make your world as you like, and making your world as you think.


Once upon a time there was a man who gave of himself selflessly and without malice. He took every day as a day to live for others. He sought to give to them that which he desired for himself. This brought him a great many friends, and in his estimation, he was a rich man.


One day a stranger came into town and in this newcomer’s hands was a satchel of gold. This stranger addressed himself to the town, and he told them of his plan. He vied the villagers with his tale of wealth and how they too could create for themselves a satchel of gold like his.


The townspeople clamored to his side, and they listened fervently, for they had never seen this much gold. They knew that if they gave him their undivided attention they would find his secret and then they too would be rich.


This disconcerted the man who had given so much of his time and himself to his fellow townspeople. He felt that they had deserted him for this stranger who offered gold. He thought about this and decided to ask them where their allegiance lies. As the people watched him arrive into their midst, they seemed slightly irritated at his intrusion.


My friends, he began, do you not see what this stranger is doing? He is trying to coerce you into his ways and then take off with your money. He vies for your meager earnings and promises you all kinds of riches; then you watch, he will disappear one night with all your hard earned cash.


This is not the way to make your fortune, he said as he swept his arms toward the stranger. The way to make your fortune is to be vigilant about what you do and who you participate with in business. To allow a stranger into your midst and trust him right away because he talks smoothly and carries much gold is a foolhardy way to gain riches.


The townspeople just laughed and pushed him away. What did this simple man know about riches, for he had none? He had always given his money away to other people, is that the way to gain wealth and power? If it is, then I’ve missed something here.


The man hung his head and walked away, feeling betrayed. They did not understand; I tried to tell them how to make their fortune and they never listened. I know, for I read many books on the subject and I told them what I had learned. Why didn’t they listen and learn from me?


A child overheard him as he walked away muttering, tears brimming from his eyes. This girl stepped up to him and pulled on his shirt. “Dear Mr. Sloan, why do you cry, when you have loved these people so? There is only one thing to do when you see friends taking a step that you feel might hurt them. My mother always said to take the hand of someone in danger and lead them away from the fray. She said that if they cannot see the chasm they are about to fall into, then it is up to the one with eyes to see for them.”


The man listened to what this child said, and a small voice of wisdom whispered in his heart, this one knows for she has seen the truth. Go and take her wisdom back to the fray and find the courage to lead them away.


Mr. Sloan turned and walked back to the group standing around the stranger, listening with rapt attention. He strode up to the satchel filled with gold and asked the man, “How much will you take for this gold? It must be worth at least two hundred dollars. I’ll give you that and then I would like you to listen to what I have to say.”


The stranger smiled at Mr. Sloan, and with a swoop he bowed to the man and offered his hand to him. “You are the first man who has offered me something in exchange for this gold. Are you the mayor here, of are you just another citizen looking for an easy fortune?”


“It is no easy fortune I seek, but a sturdy business proposition that is in my thoughts. I will buy your gold and then I will offer it to my fellow townspeople as an investment in my bank, which I will build for the purposes of giving them all a place in which to conduct business. I will then allow them to come into business with me so that we may all make our fortunes from this meager start.”


The stranger gasped, and shook his head as the townspeople stared in shock at Mr. Sloan. They had never seen him offer something in return for his time. They had never seen him keep some of his riches for himself as an example for them. Where was this solid business acumen all the time they had known him?


Now the townspeople looked at the stranger in a different way. They asked him why didn’t he offer them a fair and square deal like Mr. Sloan has? They watched him as he began to back away, looking for a break in the crowd where he could escape. With a swift bolt he found his escape and he left a trail of dust as he sped out of town.


The people of the town didn’t mind, they barely noticed, and laughed at his retreat. As they turned back to Mr. Sloan, they addressed him thusly, “Gary, we have known you for all our lives, and even as a boy growing up, we never saw you give and keep something for yourself. What has happened to change that now?


Gary Sloan thought for a moment, and then he said, “I have given a thought to seeing this whole wealth thing differently. I have come to think that though I was always free with my money and things, I was not wise with my choices. I did not set the example that people look at and learn from. The only thing you learned about me is how not to make a fortune, and feel good about yourselves.


I have listened to the voice of innocence and I have learned to listen to my inner voice that tells me how to think in a way that encourages me to my wealth, rather than always giving it away. I have thought of a better way to be a friend to my fellow townspeople and my family in love. I have thought of a loving way to benefit from others wealth and in making it mine I share and we all gain from it.”


The townspeople gathered round him. They pulled from their pockets the bills and coins they had there. They put it all in a pot that was sitting by the path and as they pulled more, some of them said, “Wait, I’ll go and get the money from the cookie jar. I’ve been waiting for a rainy day to use it, and I see the clouds mounting as we speak.”


As you see from this story, it took the innocence of a child to awaken the sharing and the truth of wealth in one man’s mind. It took a change of thought to see the bounty that could come from honoring oneself and all others as well. Had the stranger decided to stay and see how this would work, he would soon have been able to double, then triple his wealth, for this town grew and prospered from this one day.


Mr. Sloan set up a bank that was held together by all of the townspeople. They each had equal say in it, and they offered their expertise as to how to operate their wealth-making machine. Each person had their own perspective and vision as to how to produce more from some. They know that in their own way it worked like a charm. The one ingredient they all had was to give some and to keep some. This was their byway to success. All because one man had a different thought, and that was that he was part of a whole unit, one unit combined to produce the wealth of all there is.


Bring this into your way of thinking in everything you do, and see the difference it makes. Include the richness of your thoughts in all that is produced from your mind, and you will see the stars multiply and give forth the riches of the universe.


I go now and bathe in the riches of the love that is produced from all there is. It is a heavenly bath and it sweetens the waters of cleansing to a fine smoothness. I’ll see you in the soothing springs of love, for the seeds are planted there for the abundance to come forth.


Thank you dear Master St Germain,

Love, Nancy Tate