Wakeup Call Message
July 04, 2005



 St Germain 


Wake up my sleepy heads and see this bright new day!

Wake up my dear ones, letís go out and play!

We have a brand new world awakening, and itís going to be just grand.

Wake up my dear sweet ones for itís a whole new land.


When you go out this day and whistle a happy tune,

Youíll wander the streets of love and look forward to the moon.

Youíll dance and sing and jump for joy, and then youíll stop and rest,

For all along the road to joy, youíll know youíve done your best.


Youíve caught the world by its tail, and then youíve caressed its shores

And delivered a kiss upon its sweet breath and whispered I am yours.

So go and tell your tale of love that rings throughout the vale.

And when you come back and see the crowds youíll tell them of your tale.


This day will ring throughout the years as being all there is.

For when the time draws near to find the laughter and the tears,

Thereíll come a truth so resonant that you will surely know

That here is peace and freedom now for all will shimmer so.


So now my friends I sing to you of tales and wings of gold.

And shots heard round the world this day of tales and truths untold.

Of visitors from out the blue who come to reconcile

With all of family today and tell you all the while


Theyíve been right here and watched you grow and sent you love unbound

To see the gleam in Fatherís eye when once again we come around.

This is the way it is my dears when trouble leaves this place

And ease and flow become the way to wear happy face.


So come and sit upon the knee of Masters and Angels many.

For we are here to see you to the gold and silver penny,

And lots of mirth and merriment shall ring throughout the air

Bringing joy to all the hearts that beat everywhere.


Weíll see you shine and listen to the bells that peal for you

And sow the seeds of freedom sure that fits you like a shoe.

For there is nothing in this world that needs to be announced

More than the call of freedomís song as on our knee youíre bounced.


For as a child youíre going to see the sparkle of new things here.

And then youíll know that God always did lend a gallant ear

To all your cries and all your woes, and all your tales of blood.

And shifted all the energies of love into a flood


Of compassionate tears and comforting arms around the shoulders worn.

And watched and felt as smiles from under frowns were born.

Now no more fears and no more strife until the trumpets sound

For they recall the days of yore that memories resound.


It is a day of reckoning when once we spell the sound of sweet refrain

That sings the song and heralds the thunder of gentle summer rain

That comes and sweeps the forests clean and sweeps the fields to bloom

For all those petals raise the beauty that fills up every room


With sweet success and gentle hearts who celebrate the dawn

Of new tomorrows echoing forth the eyes of the new born fawn.

With speckles adorning the soft new coat of love between the new

And old sweet touch of parental love the best they ever knew.


And now I lay me down to sleep and gaze at that old moon

That sings its sweet old lullaby and makes the lovers swoon.

For they know love in a tender way and so they lead the throng

To the land of promises and know they canít go wrong.


As long as they have love and know that they are invincible

There is nothing that cannot be done with what is invisible

For there is something you cannot see within the hearts of all

And that is the power to end all fear and bring all to recall


Of what is true and what is not, and what decides to come

Forth to the recollection of the truth of where is home.

Itís in our hearts dear ones of mine and in our souls for sure

We love and sow our seeds of faith and worry nevermore


So go I shall to dreamland sweet and see you all entwined

In a web spun into a filament of gold so intricate and fine

That it will spell the finest story that evermore will be told

For here it is for you to write and allow it to be told.


I AM the one who brings to you this sonnet for your joy

And in my words I do bespeak the coming my girls and boys

Of new treasures and hardy souls who bring forth words of truth

For I St Germain, Am going to be before you in your youth.


For all is young where secrets open and that in turn reveals

The truth of who you all are and the echo through the fields

Of clover, daisies, and sweet lavender to cleanse away the dirt

Of why the years and lifetimes too have gathered so much hurt.


There will be memory none of that when you harken the refrain

Of all the angelsí chorus fair and all aboard the train

Shall come and hear the newfound words of glory from above,

And know that all is well in life and blessed in His love


Thank you dear Master St Germain,

Love, Nancy Tate