Wakeup Call Message
July , 2005





Good morning dear ones, I have come this morning to begin a series of messages through this one that will propel you through a labyrinth of ecstasy. I come for this is the day that is far surpassing all days. I come, for on this day there has been a new chapter written in the annals of time. This is the day that the tide turns, and the throes of the dark energy on Mother Gaia is at a peak.


This means my friends that with this day there has come a ruination of the plans of the ones who reside in the dark to follow through and appease their desires for full domination over the land.


Allow me to explain this to you, as best I can. With the dawning of this day, we were visited by 28 delegates from the Turkish embassy and in their visit came the delegation of trust for the world’s hungry. These ones came with the intent to distribute ten million dollars worth of food from their country to the world’s hungry. They gave the document over to us in a ceremony that encompassed the elders of the tribunal and the initiates of that council.


With that association, we have established a long-coming wave of gifts that are to be forthcoming from all of the wealth across the land. This will serve to keep the strength of our earth family strong and sure, for when you feed the body, the soul can nourish the rest.


We have seen the beauty of these people for some time, and have felt that this would come about. As we watched the various groups of people on earth delivering their daily intentions to each other, we saw a general trend toward unity. We saw that there was going to be an upturn in the manner in which the people of the world communicated with each other, and the results of that unity.


As we gathered with these people from Turkey, we saw that there was a consensus that they were going to make a strident effort to go forward from this point and include in their mission a vast effort to cover more than the world’s hungry. They are going to address all of the societal issues from this point on. This will include bringing all of the people of the world together in a common cause.


We have known for some time that the Turkish people have known of our existence, and in this they have been able to communicate with us. We have been working with them, and in so doing there has been established a council that is comprised of members of that country and from the Federation.


As a united body we work together with the people to form a common body with the rest of the world. This is imperative for the re-organization of the people as a sovereign group dedicated to the development of peace on earth and the restoration of earth and her people to a strong, clean and free society.


Not only do we serve all of you, we serve the rest of the galaxy, and ultimately the universe. We do so with the authority that has come from our existence. We as you, are flames of The Creator, and in such we are dedicated to express our divinity in the simplest way we can. We do this by opening ourselves to the love that is present within everything and everyone. This enables us to be in constant contact with our divinity and to serve every living thing that has ever been created.


As we go into this alliance with the Turkish people, it warms our hearts to see that they too are coming from that place. They too have realized and are living their divinity. We see that resound from every step they take and every breath they make.


We see also that all around the globe people are joined in a common cause. We see that with the further unitedness is coming the opening of a new series of portals around the globe. With these openings we are being able to enter some unforeseen areas of heaven that have heretofore been closed for billions of years.


With these portals there will be a grand exit of the energies of darkness, for therein lies the potential for all of light to be complete unto itself. This means that there is the potential for there to be a forever constant of energy that keeps the light strong. That means, my dear ones, that with the complete opening of these portals there can never again be a dark expression of the light.


Think about what this means. Realize that from the point of complete opening of these portals there will be the opportunity to go forth and express in the strength and power that is contained in the light. There will no be resistance, only the flow of the constant truth that is the light.


There can be a gathering of experience so profound as to bear more and more of itself. This can mean that there can be new universes created that accommodate the ever-expanding growth of all of existence.


What does this have to do with you on planet earth? We are saying that as you go forth and clean up your beloved planet and become the Masters that you are, you will see the expansiveness of your own selves and you will be able to create a society on earth that is immeasurable in your minds eye today.


From that point, you will be able to go forth into the universe and create the perfection of the neighborhood along with all of your cosmic family. You will find that the experiences on earth over the past millennia have been a grand experiment in the furtherance of arriving at the point that I speak of. You will see how vast and wonderful the universe and all of existence is and can be.


With that declaration I take my leave from this communication. I dedicate myself to the furtherance of the creation of the interaction of the Federation with all of earth’s people. This is a grand moment, for it brings us into closer alliance and gives us all the opportunity to grasp hands and work together to form the unitedness that will get this done. We are all blessed in the name of The Creator; we are all One.


Thank you dear Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate