Wakeup Call Message
July 19, 2005



 Galactic Federation 


Good morning my dear ones, and a fine day it is on the mountains and the plains and the deserts and the meadows. It is a fine day throughout the world and throughout the universe, for there is something afoot that is going to release the shackles and show itself to be the saving Grace for all of mankind and all of life in this universe.


We of the Galactic Federation are here in full force and we are prepared to show ourselves for all we are worth and for all we can do to assist you to bring not only NESARA to the people, but also to assure you all that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.


We see that this wonderful earth law called NESARA is taking its own sweet time to come into being. This is for good reason. You see, my dear ones, we have been observing and standing by whenever we have seen it to be advantageous to you. Also we have been stepping in when we have seen that there have been events on earth that have gone outside of the karmic playout that you have all fashioned for your evolvement.


This is according to universal laws, and we are bound by our allegiance to those laws to comply and follow them. To do otherwise would be for us instant annialation of our sovereignty, and we would be relegated to the auspices of the governing council of the universe and declared incompetent through our own jurisdictions.


This simply means that we have our own brand of karma, or as you know of it, of cause and effect. If we should attempt to push the issue and take matters into our own hands in a way that defies the universal code of nature, then we would find that to be quite disturbing to our fields, and this would result in instant annialation.


Allow us to explain further. Have you ever entered into an action in which you knew that if you went one step further it would mean sure disaster to you? Have you ever stopped short and not taken another step because you knew to do so would mean deep trouble?


This is what we innately know, and in order to defy that knowingness, we would have to step out of and force the move that we know would be deep trouble for us. In other words, it would be against the nature of God, and our nature as enlightened beings, and therefore destructive to our fields.


This is what has been our determining factor in being able to assist you. We are bound by our failsafe system to come to intervention in any way that is within the way of the natural oneness of cause and effect. We are operating in our scope of reality; that is the reality of the whole of creation. This is a one-way circle of truth in which we operate; that is what we mean when any of us or our constituents of earth mean when we say we are operating in the will of God.


Now we are able to tell you that in this energy of oneness we are able to experience the effect of what you are experiencing. We have the ability to know what you experience and the effect of that. This is how we are able to come from a place of knowing what course to take in our assistance to you.


We are able to be you in a fine sense of the word and to then be able to experience with you the effects and inner knowledge of the fullness of what you are bringing into creation.


Allow us to please speak on this in the respect of what the ones on earth who are residing in the darkness of the light spectrum are experiencing, for we are able to tune into that as well. Believe me, it is not pleasant what they experience. All they know is what the darkness has brought them.


Over the years, centuries, indeed millennia, they have been caught up in their own shadows. Yes, this has been their choice; this has been their intent. It has also been their destiny. They came here to experience and play this role. They had been playing a similar kind of role in other places in the universe and other universes.


This is the universe in which they agreed to play the role of the villains and to take it to the limit that they perceived. This is the key phrase here, my dear ones; they took it to the limit that they perceived. They had not previously taken it to the degree that they have now reached. They have taken themselves so deeply into their own recesses that they no longer are able to remember why they came here in the first place, and that the roles they were to play would have been over before now.


This brings us to a final point that we would like to make. That is that these ones who have so lost their way, are on the brink of extinction. They are bound by this momentum into the world of amnesia to go on into infinity, for they have forgotten that there is a point of resolution that was built into the story.


This is why we have been able to come and intervene to a certain degree. When we see that they have ‘pushed the wall’ and are over the edge in the way that you all are affected, then we step in and stop what they had in motion.


We have stopped numerous attempts at nuclear annialation. We have averted many floods and earth changes that would have been almost totally devastating to all of the earth. We have pulled Mother Gaia from almost total extinction because of things that these lost ones have done with their technology. We are your sentinels and we act from the instinct for survival that is innate within each and every one of God’s creations.


This is where we stand right now. We are continually beaming light energy of the highest to those lost ones. Our energy of intent for their coming round to their own beingness of light is beaming a message of remembrance to them constantly. As we do this, we also beam that energy of light to all of you who slip a bit into the cracks that have opened and beckoned you to come on in with them who live in the shadows.


We love each and every one of you, and we see how easily the darkness can persuade others to join them. They tantalize and promise wonderful things. They appease with whispers of false love. They appeal on a level that some can relate to and they carry them with them into the abyss of forgotten memories to a place that feels familiar.


We state to you that you need not follow anyone to find your place in the sun. You can follow your own inner voice and know that it is God. You can allow yourself to feel what that voice tells you and you can still your mind in order to hear that voice.


Then you can go forth and follow that guidance. You can listen to words from out there and be able to discern what is light and what falls from it. You can begin to allow your own innate wisdom to speak forth and be heard. This is the guiding post of all that is solid and true in your life.


We close with this message and it is a short one, “Let your voice in the wilderness lead you from out of the quagmire, and you will forever be flowing in the Light of The Creator.”


You are loved, and you are being watched over by the heavenly chorus as you wind down the last days of forgotten dreams. When you awaken you will see us and herald our coming. Keep the trumpets polished and ready, for we are coming on the wings of a prayer.


Thank you dear Galactic Federation,

Love, Nancy Tate