Wakeup Call Message
July 22, 2005





My dear and honorable ones, we are here today to tell you of an occurrence that has taken place in the cosmos. This is of utmost importance in the delivery of the sanctioned energies of the Creator and the wonderful abilities that you all have to take the energies and utilize them in a way that brings the infinite abilities of Divine order to your species.


You are at a place in these times of earth where you are entering into a phase of life that will take you to heights that heretofore you have not experienced as earth humans. In other times and other spaces you have surpassed what you are about to do. In the millennia that you have been on earth and have experienced and expressed in your amnesia you have only at times dreamed of what you are about to do.


We are the Confederation of Sovereign nations of the Galactic Federation. We gather and bring together the combined colonizations of all of the Galaxyís species within this universe. It is our purpose at this time to gather all of our members in a salute to your mission on earth and to assist you in the rejuvenation of your planet.


We bring to this cause the ultimate in universal knowledge and information for you to utilize in the cleanup of your planet and for the eventual exploration of your dear cosmic home. We are your neighbors and your family. We come with a welcome back gift and that is the loving wishes we have for your return to full consciousness.


As you all awaken, and this is indeed taking place within many of you, you will find that the world you live in is filled with much confusion. You are finding that as you progress through your ascension process, you bring much of what has been stored within your cellular memory to the surface to be faced and then released for transmutation back to the light. In this process you are finding challenges to your light work that you had not thought would come into your life.


You are finding that with these changes you are wondering who you even are and who others in your life are. They and you are different, and you donít know how to handle this change. You think that you had it well in hand, and then you see your world turned upside down again.


This is all part of the process, my dear ones. This is how you are expunging the old emotions and their residue from your field. You are bringing to bear the old patterning and seeing that it is nothing more than unwanted desires and uncalled for actions.


As you experience these things we advise you to relax and allow this to come forth. Take as many deep breathes as you feel necessary and then relax some more. You are undergoing a cleansing, just as Mother Gaia is undergoing a cleansing with her earth movements and furies.


This is one of the stipulations you made when you planned this journey through time on this planet. You knew when you came here that it would have its trials and tribulations. Now you are in the final throes, and you are doing magnificently. You are holding on and then letting go just as you saw that you would.


Some of the intensity of what is taking place at this time was unforeseen, for these events were not planned. When the energy that is driving certain ones of you on this planet increased and magnified, those ones found themselves to be in such deepness of the loss of their Divine nature that they had no recollection of their divine spark.


This is what has caused the inadvertent events that you have seen in the past few years. The disasters that have taken place on earth have been the result of what none of us could fathom. We knew the degree from which these ones could stray from their Divinity in one sense. However we did not see that they would take their maneuverings to the degree that they have.


Realize that what I speak of is the result of uncounted time of the universe and all of existence in this universe. This is based on the expression within this universe since its inception. This universe was created with intent for the purpose of bringing this free will experience to all of existence, and this is the arena that was created for this purpose.  As the probability factor was examined for the outcome of this earth experiment, it was not foreseen that there would be events of this nature coming from the actions and intentions that were set in motion.


This is why there is so much interest in what is taking place now on earth. That is why there are representatives of so many star nations in place around your planet and far out into the universe. We are all watching and learning about the workings of the energies of the universe as it relates to what is taking place on earth. We are employing the use of our technologies to measure the degree of advancement that is taking place despite the degree of fall from the light that is taking place by these ones who agreed to play this role.


We are finding that it is unprecedented in any other experience of free will in other universes. We are finding that in this universe, which was solely created for this purpose, there is a different outcome. We surmise that this has to do with the original intent, and that with this intent there has been established a new order of expression that takes the experience not only outside of the Creator Will, but also outside of the will of the ones who are in the experience itself.


In other words, we are seeing that the momentum of the free will has taken itself from this experience and has exemplified itself in its own momentum. We are seeing that the free will has become an entity unto itself, and has chosen to become the motivating force behind the ones who have strayed so far from their light source.


Because of this, we have come to monitor this free will entity. We are stationed in strategic places that warrant our swift, and immediate action of intervention in regard to any incident that may occur. We see within seconds before something is to happen that is will, and that gives us the ability to step in and stop it from happening if it is completely coming from this free will entity with the movement of the intent from the ones who have floundered.


Bear in mind, dear ones that this does not represent that the original Source is detached from any of the creation of Itself. This will never happen, for once something is created it is always a part of the Source. This means that all that is taking place on earth is still a part of the Divinity of Creation. You cannot be lost or destroyed. There will not be a separation and annihilation of any of earthís life, or indeed earth herself, for you are under the protection of The Source.


What is taking place here is that you have in your Divinity led us all on a merry chase for the blue ribbon in your pursuit of your Divinity in this grand experiment. You have opened up new vistas to be examined and you have held fast, for the most part to the knowledge of who you are.


This is represented in the way that so many of you have surpassed the absence of light on your planet and in the hearts and intentions of some. You are fast closing the gap on those who are asleep and those who are awake. We see that this is what will finally bring the free will entity to a halt and then we will see that entity submit to the Will of The Creator.


For now, my dear ones, we suggest that you take this to heart and find that the ones with whom you feel in combat are actually in combat with their own creation. They have become so engrossed with what they have brought forth that they see no other way but than to go on in this fashion. It isnít even a conscious resolution they have to keep this up. It is a flowing river of muck that they have found themselves in and they only see salvation in the continuance of it.


What you can do to avert eventual disaster for them is to love them and keep an intent of constantly bathing them in the light and love of the Creator. In doing that you will see the murkiness clear and then they will be able to allow the flow to reveal to them their own light shining forth in a signal to them to follow the light that is reflected in the crystal clear water that surrounds them. This then will become their own mission for survival, and it will be based in clarity, rather than in the murkiness that has resulted from the straying from their Source.


Keeping in mind as well that you are all members of the same family, and that you have one common cause, and that is to return to full consciousness, take a moment to look at one another and recognize that which you may have temporarily forgotten. That is that you are in this together and that you all have the same thing in mind. Then realize that to stray from each other in this common cause is to deny who you are and the unity of all of you.


We leave this transmission now and we offer our hands for a clasp that lasts and endures for comfort and reassurance through these final times of this experiment. We are your family, and we come to you at this time to gather all the strength of purpose into one golden glow of light that permeates everything on earth and renders it golden. We love each and every one of you and we honor you for the service that you are bringing to existence. 


Go now and play in the sunshine of your Fatherís love, for He and Mother Earth are guardians of the universe and you are the children of the universal love of all.


Thank you dear Confederation of Sovereign Nations of the Galactic Federation (CSNGF),

Love, Nancy Tate