Wakeup Call Message
July 15, 2005





My dear ones who have found the light and are following it, you are my family and I AM yours. We walk the same pathway you and I and we see the same stars in the sky. As we go along we see the ones who are lost and are calling for help. They do so in a way that defies logic and that seeks its own retribution.


Good day my dear friends, I AM Avenda, and I come to you this morning to ask something of you. I ask that you hear these words I am about to offer and allow them to sink into your heart and find their comfort place. I ask that you bear well the results of this action, and go forth from there.


When I found this one (Nancy) stirring this morning I heard within her soul a few words of discontent. I found that she was unable to lift herself from the despair that she held for certain ones who have come into her life and found a place to play in their own way.


In this, she has opened some old wounds and has reacted in a way that is bringing a clarity into her reasoning. She has found that after the release of the resentment and feelings of insecurity, she has been experiencing a new lightness.


So why the unsettlement in her first waking moments? It is this way; she has come to a decision in her self as to how to deal with these issues, and now she seeks to put this decision into action. She seeks to press forward and cast her light upon those in the darkness. Yet she also sees that in doing so, she brings upon the scene the idea in the first place of darkness.


This brings her up short and casts doubts upon the waters of truth. This brings her to the place of retribution herself, and carries her beyond the place where she strives to be. This is the wonder of coming to terms with an aspect of one’s contribution to the awakening of humanity.


This is what I suggest to her and to all of you who find yourselves in a similar or potential place that stirs the knowing to a higher perception. I suggest that you remove all consideration of darkness from anyone or anything that is in your perception, and see only the light there. This is the sure fire way to come to the truth of any situation. This is the way to gain ground on the shakiness that is pervading the earth in these times.


With this perception you can remove any boundaries that you may have placed in any situation and opened up your ability to love all and feel the bond that is surely there. When you do that you heal a generation of pain; you bring togetherness to the chasm of misunderstanding, and you allow the reunion of all the souls of God The Creator.


This is a grand and glorious day, and with it comes the cool breeze of Divine forgiveness. Upon the heels of this comes the realization that forgiveness is a forgetting of that, which is not real anyway. This opens the door for the truth of each and everyone to step forward and be counted. This brings brother and sister, mother and father together in a beautiful sweep of love and understanding as never before.


As we go through this life, there is a curtain that is called for the instances of the truth to show its face. This is one of those times. This is the opportunity to face the aggressor and know that it is an illusion of fear that propels the action and makes it null. It is the illusion of life that renders it fragile, and it is the fragility that makes it fail.


This is not who or what you all are, my dear friends. This is what you are not. You are strong, and sure and full of heart. You are wise and dear and full of joy. You are blessed and able to bless others, and you do so with every smile you bring forth and every comforting arm you place around another.


I gift Nancy with an innate knowing and I feel her acceptance of what is. This is a time when all of the cards are laid upon the table, and the die is cast to bring unity to the world of messengers. There is but one messenger, and that is comprised of all who answer the calling and bring the word of love to the masses. This is the truth of it, and this is the place from which Nancy speaks and from which she lives. I will let her now speak for herself.


Thank you dear Avenda,

I love you, Nancy Tate


Hi folks,


This message this morning was unexpected as I sat at the keyboard. I know that it does reflect what is in my heart and soul, for as the words came flowing forth, I felt the stirrings of hesitancy at first, and then the leap of joy, for I knew this was my opportunity to speak what has been in my heart these past several days.


Though it has been a journey through the intermittent shadows of doubt for me recently, it has also served to sweep away more of that doubt and to allow more of my light to shine forth so that I may be able to see my truth so much clearer.


At first I wondered why do this in this way, and to whom. This is the best way, for it is not as I had envisioned, but that had come after some mind searching. This is much better for it comes from the heart.


I want to state now without falter, that I love all of the beautiful people in the world of the Internet, of channeling, of bringing forth the works of God the Creator. This is a time when we will be wise to stick together and bring a solidarity to our world that is sure and joyful. We are well advised to mind our thoughts and our words, for they reflect who we are and our intent for this life.


I have recognized how it feels to go outside of my peace and joy, and I have found that to be back soundly in that peace and joy is to be hearing ‘music’ at all times. I plan to stay within that ‘music’ and keep the dance going as long as I have breath and the ability to move and sing to the rhythm of love. If anyone falters at any time, then it is my intent for anyone else to be there to pick them up with a lightness that bespeaks the will of God.


So with this message I invite anyone who wishes to share my thoughts and intent for a life of song, dance, joy and love to grasp the ring of sunshine and walk in the shoes of The Creator always and forever. Thanks to all of you for being who you are, and playing the part in my life that has been so blessed with wonderful friends.