Wakeup Call Message
July 1, 2004

  Lord Enki

         When you wake up in the morning and you toast a slice of bread,

And jingles full of merriment keep dancing in your head;

Then you go to sleep at evening and you dream away the night,

And you wake up in the morning and all your dreams take flight;

Then you know that you are living in a state beyond compare,

For with the dawn of morrow youíll live without a care.

         So go my dears a wandering and stay with me a while;

For I will stroke your forehead and give you a sweet smile

That says you are my darling and tells you to beware

To not allow the gathering of tears from anywhere

But through the love of living in sweet forbearance fair,

Of love and peace and joyfulness that carries everywhere.

My dear ones! I have come to you in prose this day to give you a message of my love for you. I am Enki, and I wish to say that there is a new day dawning that will chase away the blues and give you all purpose once more. When that day comes you will recognize it as the day that you knew would come, the day that would resound throughout eternity as the day that your world began in earnest.


I suggest that you see that day as now, right now, today. This is the day of miracles. This is the day when all the mistrust and the lethargy and the apathy ends. This is the day when the bright sunshine of the everlasting glory comes round and stirs the juice of love and devotion to oneself and renders them golden.


Do you see the tree over there? It is a tree that bears fruit and wonders for the eye and the senses. That tree gives you a message as it stands there, and you tune in with your mind and your heart. It is a message of sustainability no matter what the influence around it may be, it stands as a sentinel, for the troubles and cares that may come its way are but breezes against its strength.


That is you my dears; that is your resilience. You can and do withstand many breezes and indeed many a storm of unleashed fury. You stand and endure, and you are still standing when the storm has passed. That is the strength with which life has given you a purpose.


Now you stand tall and ready for the next times to come to your life. These are times that beckon you homeward, for you are finding that home is where you are. It is where you live and breath and where you love and live life to the fullest. You are finding that the only death you face is that of the old life, the old ways.


This is a time to gather to you the friends that you have gathered to your bosom along the way. They are part of you. They gain from you, as you do from them. Give them a gentle touch and a hug of love that speaks of the gratitude you have for their part in your life. Give them a glance across a room that says Iím glad youíre my friend. Youíll feel oh so good for it.


I have another suggestion for you. When you arise in the morning and the clouds hang heavy over your head, smile a little smile to chase away those clouds. It may take two, or another, and another. Donít arise from that bed until you jump from it with that smile brightening and setting the tone for the day. Some say, never go to sleep angry. I also say donít arise from bed to greet the day with a frown. A smile starts the day with a kiss and a promise of love throughout all you do. Kiss the clouds away, and find that the sunshine fills the space with the promise of love that reigns supreme.


This is a brand new day, and when you see the light come into your life with the earnest of a Divine substance, then you have seen God smile at you and wash away the gloom. Smile back, and the world is instantly awash with the Light of the Holy ones.


I cradle you all in my love and I kiss the bloom on your cheeks as the tears of love freshen the cobwebs of sleep. Blessings are about to spring forth, and you are not only the recipients of those blessings, but the bearers as well.

Adios, my dears.

Thank you dear Lord Enki,

Love, Nancy Tate