Wakeup Call Message
July 07, 2004



Come to me my darlings and I値l sing you all a song

Of treasures that abound here and ways to sing along.

I値l tell you of the wonder and I値l show you my delight

When all the stars are shining and all your dreams take flight.


For there is time a coming when you will sing the praise

Of all the times that came and all the sunny days

That live for you in number and sing for you in song

And follow you through slumber and take you all along


To places that are magic and stories that are told

Of all the Kings and gentry that tell of days of old.

For there is where you started, and there is where you reign

For there is no tomorrow, that will not come again.


For all is now, and plenty will come to your fair land,

Is the promise we give now, is the pledge you give yourself.

So go my darlings into the land of sweet refrain

And gather to your bosom the soulful wedding train


That takes you all to unite with all the ones in tune

And makes the oneness glory in tales of finest gold

For there is nowhere that hides now from all the love within

For this is heaven on earth and it speaks of win and win.


So take your tales of troubles and take your tales of woe

And scatter them over the treetops and to the soils below

For there is not one ever who said you cannot go

To the land of milk and honey and take the fast and slow


Road to everlasting peace and joy and love

And all the stars above you gleam in eyes aglow

For in your hearts is living the truth of ages fair,

And when you see my coming you値l know I知 everywhere


For this is you and me dears and this is why I came

To comfort and delight you and let you know my name

That you may remember this time and know that you are me

And take that knowledge in glee beyond the silver sea


To places fair and strange now that will someday be known

To be that call that beckons you back to the place called home.

I call to you this morning, and I sing to you this eve

And when you see the sunshine you値l know, and you値l believe


That heaven is your calling and love is your middle name

For we are one in nature and we are one in soul

And the rest of the world will see then that will all be whole

In unison and in sync friends, in glory evermore.


Thank you dear Master Sananda,

Love, Nancy Tate