Wakeup Call Message
July 06, 2004



My dear ones, when you open up your email, and you find a message of hope and love, then take it to your heart and allow it to nourish and comfort your soul. Allow the graceful truth that it envisions to move forward in your day and cover your world with beauty and grace. This is a far better world that springs from this truth than any other that can come your way.

Good day, I am Sananda, and I bring to you this day, twelve ways in which you can bring forth the beauty that lives in your life, and covers the world with light.

1.     Remain fixed in the love that emanates from your being at all times.

2.     Take time to smell the fragrance of a flower and bring that essence into the ideas of the day.

3.     Take unto yourself the truth of every moment and consider it the way of the ages.

4.     Find the best of something that comes your way, and render it whole within you.

5.     Keep the diligence of comfort sure and strong as you travel among those who are you in the ministrations of love.

6.     Allow the moments to steer you through the day with a silence that speaks from your heart.

7.     Allow that silence to be the very essence of how you listen to your inner voice.

8.     Give yourself the gift of life in every thing you do.

9.     Take pleasure in the reward and riches of others, for in that pleasure comes the reward of self-love.

10. See your neighbor as yourself, and invite him/her for tea.

11. Take a stand to be the best friend to the darkest enemy, and render him light.

12. Know only light and love in your ideas of truth, and make that light shine for all of eternity.


All that you are is the essence of love. All that you do is the expression of that essence. To take the truth of what you know to be the way of life is to live your Divinity, and shine forth that light unto all you encounter. This is the pleasure of living in truth and everlasting joy.

          There is a reason that you all have come to this place at this time, and that reason is to be the very essence of what you know is the truth. This serves you as it serves the world. Hold true to that image and feel the rocking of the universe as you walk through the shadows cast from the light that shines and reveals all that would burst upon the scene in the days and weeks to come.

          This is a grand time in the days of the expression of man. This is a grand time to walk the halls of eternity and see the truth light the way for you all. It is a grand domain that envelops the truth of the ages; and when that truth comes into the light of day, some of you will feel the resonance and awaken to the reflection of that truth in your own field.

          This is a grand and glorious day for all of you, for here is a lesson learned in these words, and that is that all there is, is love, and all there is to show the way is the Light of truth.

          I love to walk beside you in these days and lend a hand when you stumble. There is sweetness in your touch; and as often as I can, I touch your face and I kiss the cheek that is as soft as baby skin. There is honor in the visit, and I salute you.


Thank you dear Master Sananda,

Love, Nancy Tate