Wakeup Call Message
July 23, 2004

  St. Germain


          When you wake up in the morning and you take a slice of bread,

          And you perk a cup of coffee to chase goblins from your head

          What do you do to wonder where all the nights have gone?

          And all the days a sunder and all the weeks far flung?


          I tell you now itís easy to go riding through the day

And let the cares and worries slip by and on their way

You just do this and sing then of worries gone astray

And tell them all of sunshine, and hurry on their way,


For there is a light a coming that will surely be the end

To all their power and might and will take them round the bend

To that land of plenty and to that land of joy

Nevermore to tarry and sorrow to implore.


For love is the sure answer to all the care and woe

And when we reach that star dears, weíll evermore then know

That here we are a sitting in Godís sweet lap of peace

And nevermore weíll worry and long for the warm fleece


That covers all the fearing and renders all the light

A mere weak memory of when we all with wings took flight.

For here is love and sunshine and truth forevermore

Youíll find you have the key now to open Heavenís door.


Good morning my dear oneís; this is St. Germain, and I just wish to tell you in verse and rhyme how wonderfully close you all are to finding the new way of being in this new energy. It is an energy of love and transmutation that is becoming more and more that of the new age that ushers in the golden life for all of you.


When you awoke this day, did you not find that there was a new lift to the heart and a new feeling of purpose? Perhaps that was yesterday for some of you, or tomorrow will find itís place in that energy of change. You all are feeling a difference in what was before this present moment, for a moment can last a lifetime and it also can be but the blink of an eye.


I will tell you of a treaty that is being formed and ready for signatures. This is a treaty that will be signed very soon by certain parties that have come round to a certain way of thinking. They have faced a decision and have decided to give of themselves to the way that speaks of love and of peace. These individuals are taking time right now to find it in their hearts to forgive themselves, for they realize that they cannot honor this treaty unless they can honor their place on earth and in this experience that they have undergone.


They have come to remember that they started this whole energy of fear in a time when the plan of earth experience was new, and when the results of this whole time would be but echoes of the time that lay ahead. They knew not then how their parts in this plan would unfold. They only knew the moment and what it brought.


Now they find themselves at that place again. This is a time when all they know is right now, this moment. They see the potential for what will happen after they affix their signatures to this treaty. They are weary of the game, and they will sign.


I suggest that you all send a great deal of love and compassion to the ones who stand ready to take a giant step in the destiny of mankind. This is a time of great change and of great turnings around. You can make this time the grandest of all, and in so doing there will be a chorus of angels who will sing the praises of all of you and herald the beginning of the age of wonderment.


I find you all in your various stages of regress and ingress. I see the wonderful job you do with your own awakening. It is a sight that we marvel at, and we too raise our voices in songs of joy. Blessed are all of you, for you have heard the call, and you dance into the fray holding your banners high, declaring that peace shall come over the land, and will remain forevermore!


Thank you dear Master St. Germain,

Love, Nancy Tate