Wakeup Call Message
July 22, 2004

 St Germain


          My dear ones, I AM St. Germain, and I come to you this day with a promise for your future. This promise is that you are the molders of your future, and with what you do in these next few days and weeks you can mold that future to be a grand one and one built in the energy of Divine change and Holy offerings.

          We are at a place in our pledge toward peace and love on this planet where we are steadfastly being driven by our uses of technological advances in the maneuverings toward the resolution of the conflict that is taking place in the Middle East. With the escalation of the conflict there will be a lessening of the duality of this great species way of life, and the way that the energetic impulses create the world as a place of war and a place of fear. This is a time when there is to be a great upliftment of the people and an emergence of a new way of life built in peace and love.

          What I am proposing to you is that you all focus your energies on the Middle East, and see that what you will be hearing about in the near time to come, is but the works of the great shovel of Spirit excavating the remains of the dark energy that is hanging around on this planet and in the souls of all who live here.

          There is a great unloading of all the trials and tribulations that have amassed an overload of negative energies throughout the reign of the duality. Once this is all expunged from the communal awareness, then the true awareness of love and Divinity will flow free, and be recognized as the only true way of being. Till this is accomplished there can only be what is remaining to be dug out and transmuted. Things on the surface may appear still and bright while on the bottom hidden from view is the dregs of the civilization that fools itself into believing that all is well.

          I do not wish to alarm any of you; I simply seek to bring to your awareness the truth of what you have been seeing and will continue to see in the Middle East. All the atrocities that are coming forth are the result of the expunging of the remaining dregs; this must happen, for the law of life in a world of harmony and unity will not stand in an energy that is tainted with the debris of yesterday.

          This is a time for you to stand forward and bring all of your love and understanding to the front. This is a time for you all to see the higher picture behind all that is seen coming from that place of strife. There is no grander place you can be in these times than to know that where you are is the most Divine and Holiest place you can feel. This is the answer for you as you watch the emergence of the darkest energies that come forth. Bring to your allowance the compassion and love for all of those who stand in denial of what they are seeing, and know that you are seeing Divinity in action, and an end to the turmoil and travesties that are blackening your screens today.

          My dear ones, I see the love and the steadfastness with which you carry on in your daily lives, and I see the great strides that you take in the ascension process that you endure. For some of you this is a time of great tribulation, for there is a purging that is taking place. It is a representation of that which I have been speaking, on a personal level. Know this to be represented in that place across the waters and see that it is a time for the same compassion and love that you give yourselves.

You are the reflection of the world, for you are all one. This is a time to live the greatness that you are, and to see the truth of what takes place in that Holiest of lands. Rejoice that finally, and at last, the cleansing is in full swing, and keep that knowing strong and sure, to support the upheaval, and to hold their hands as the purging is completed.

          When the cleansing is completed, you will all stand encircling the globe, and you will all be in bliss, for you will have expelled all of the energy that held you back from knowing fully who you are. This process will take an amount of time that is blessed, and in that time there will be an emergence of all that lays to rest the potential for a return to more of the same.

          I see you now in full rapture, looking out over the land with an understanding smile and a face full of bliss. This is the time in which all of the energies of fear will lay in ashes at your feet, and as you watch, you will transmute those ashes to gold dust.

You are indeed angels who have come to experience all that you bring to this expression. You now are almost at the place when the curtain will be drawn on the old way of being, and a whole new production will stand in readiness for the performance of your lives.

          I give you the earth humans in full lightbody status; and all on earth are cast before you to call in the results of heaven and know that it is grand!


Thank you dear Master St Germain,

Love, Nancy Tate