Wakeup Call Message
July 12, 2004

 Hi Everyone,

       Itís vacation time again! I will be on the road for a few days, not sure how many. There will be no Wake up Calls for the time I will be away, unless something comes up that warrants a message. I will carry my laptop with me. Iíll be thinking of you all, and seeing you having a grand old time!




In the meantime, St Germain has this message for you.


          My dear ones, when you go to sleep at night and dream of wondrous things, donít be surprised if those dreams carry on into your waking hours. These are days of trials that are at and end and tribulations that no more beckon at your door. These dreams of freedom and justice for all the land are so close as to be a whisper in your ear to turn around and look at the rosy future before you. they are so close as to warrant a tear of joy and a forward movement that takes the shadows and renders them Golden.

          As I sit and ponder the future for this wold I know that the time is nigh to celebrate and release all cares. I know that there is a future that rings of truth and bears the testimony of the ages, and it will be coming to you across the screens and publications in a vey short time.

          Consider that time to be of relative order, and to be gilt with the promise of the forefathers who brought to the United States the promise of a life full of riches and freedom. See that this is a milestone in the history of the\is country, and for the rest of the world.

          There is no finer time for all of you than the time that is on your doorstep. Bring this time into your hearts and minds and see how well is the fit. When you awaken this day, and feel the difference in your heart, know that the light from Heaven shines pure and simple into your every fiber, and that it is gold and silver and everlasting unto forever.

          Our love for you all is greater than you can know this moment. You will know that love as you feel it ever growing inside your being for yourself, and for All, for you are part of the All and therefore All.

          Reach out and accept the blessings, for they are about to spring forth. And it is grand and it is glorious!


Thank you dear Master St Germain,

Love, Nancy Tate