Wakeup Call Message
July 09, 2004

 St Germain 


          Please my sweet ones, gather round and listen for a bit to a tale of wonder and a song of delight. I AM St. Germain, and I would like to remind you of a time when lives were joyful and times were sweet. That is this time that is outlined in verse and told in rhyme for all the world to enjoy.


T’was on a night of joyful prayer that this sweet lass did com

And show me how to play her game with wonder and aplomb.

She played and danced and told me things that delighted my sweet taste

Of fun and things of gentle nature and took me by her thumb


Then one odd day she showed me hence how she could turn the tide

And be the tyrant that I ne’re thought could turn the wayward eye.

So I just plundered and I just shook to rid myself of thy

Despairing words and soulful tongue and saw myself on high.


I bore the thoughts of glee and mirth and though it was a shame

She came around and called to me and whispered to my name.

I shall not tarry with you a more and I shall travel far

And when I have thus neglected life to live upon a star.


I shall return and gather none that keep the distance far

For there is none that catches the eye like here and now by far.

So here is the end of this sweet tale of compromises fair

Though I shall tarry along the way there is no sweet despair.


For all must go along their way and gather to their breast

The tales of love and leaving now to go about the test

Of life and love and knowing thus what it is that needs done

To chase away the troubled hearts and take the only plus.


So when you think that life has dealt a blow that gets you down

Just gaze upon a distant star and know that this is flown

A sweet refrain of love gone wrong, or love a gentle stance

To find the path that suits the song that takes an idle glance.


At roads a traveled in the vain of someone else instead

And found to be a rough one yet is not for you but me.

And I shall go about my way and find the road so sweet;

And in that deed I shall prevail and take another sheet


From life’s sweet mysteries and loves sweet song and know that I have come

Around the circle of changes fair and to the door of some

Who find their way and invite me in and follow in my gaze

To see the paths a winding on through all our sweet days.


T’is sweet my friends when all along the road there is a truth

That God is there and everywhere and taking us by hand

And showing us the way to find the truth and understand

The mysteries sure and tidings pure are but the wonder grand


Of sheep and friends and times galore that send the other one

To his own field and her own glory and the rest of time will come

To dance and praise and sing our songs as the whole world sings along

To all the tunes that we can sing and keep our love so strong.


This is that time my dear ones, and this is the time that is ripe to bring your own recollection of life’s sweet mystery to your door and welcome it in to discover that it is a mystery no more. That life and love lost need not be an ending but a beginning of the adventure of your life, for there is no ending to the wonders of this fair universe and the realms of life and love that are yours for the taking and the being.

You are endless and the way is sweet. I love you all so fair and wondrous. Take to your hearts this refrain that tells of life and love on the road of everlasting joy.


Thank you dear Master St Germain,

Love, Nancy Tate