Wakeup Call Message
July 02, 2004

 St Germain 


          Gather yourselves together this day and celebrate your freedom to come and go as you desire. This is a freedom that is inherent with all of you, and in the event someone wants to take it away from you, you do not have to abide by their terms. There is one avenue by which you can keep your freedom, and that is to know that you have it, and walk in those shoes that take you through the world of God and the light of your very own inimitable Spirit.

          My dear ones, I AM St. Germain, and I have lived this lie that the ones on earth would have you believe. I at one time was introduced to the opportunity to follow their idea of being tied to their whims, and in the avenue of thought they pursued, I discovered a secret that they could not see. It is not really a secret, but a revelation of truth so profound as to be almost laughable.

          This revelation is that you are all sovereign beings, and in that there is no way that anyone can capture your mind and make it do and say anything that you do no allow it to do or say.

          Oh yes, some of you may be saying, but what about mind control; what about insanity; what about instant incorrigible plundering of the faculties that are overtaken through subliminal suggestion?

          I say that it is all a choice that if not made a way of is a choice that is made through recognition of the sublime energy of it. By this I mean to say that there is always a higher calling here. This higher calling is one of being able on that level that is in constant communication with God, to make the decision to follow along with what is being done, or to allow the energies that they would administer to subvert your present consciousness.

          My dear ones, you are in a time now when your mind is your greatest asset, or you greatest downfall. You are able to utilize your mind accompanied with your passion, your heart, to create anything that you intend for your life. At no other time since this whole plan began have you been more able to bring what is on your mind into your physical reality. This is a fact, my friends, and though this isnít manifesting itself in most cases instantly, it is coming around much more speedily than ever before.

          Note the times that something you desired was around the next corner. Remember how you used to go weeks maybe months or years before something you desired would manifest in your life. Now note how quickly these things come for you. And also note that they may come to you in a manner that did not even occur to you, but is far better than you did imagine.

          This is the secret to your life of freedom. Even if you are stopped at an airport and searched and held up for hours, in your mind you can know that this delay is to your benefit. In some instances this can release the delay, and render you able to suddenly board that plane and be on your way. Living life as if there is everything in it that you would have as perfection can more readily bring that perfection in so many aspects that you may struggle with had you not changed your mindset.

          This is the power you have, and with continual use of that power, you can watch it sharpen. You can see the power in your lives and know that it is a given that when you live your life in his way, you are free. One of the ways to do that is to view the ones who would seek to bind you to their way of thinking, as being friends of the world, and part of the plan that is in the works for the return of peace and prosperity to the land.

          I once participated in a movement that brought many to a place that they considered to be a place of justice. They saw that the ones who had perpetrated the injustice were enemies of the state. This kept them all in bondage, for even when the justice was restored, still they always had to be vigilant to assure that it didnít happen again.

          This brought further resistance to the justice system, and there were constant uprisings that threatened the justice of the land. When I stood up and addressed the people of the land as to how they could find release in this pressure on maintaining the justice they fought so valiantly for, they listened with rapt attention. They were told that they would have to relax and know every moment that they upheld that justice as a way of being by changing the way they thought of it, and themselves.

          They to this day have taken some of the words to heart, and some they did not quite understand on a deep level of beingness. This is coming into being now, for we have seen this take place in individuals over the globe. As this momentum grows, and there is a great knowing of the freedom and justice in which you all exist, then the societal structures that you build and live within will relax and be freedom and be justice, for there will be nothing else to be what you all are; you can be the hundredth monkey in manifestation all over the land.

          I see that for you my dears, and I see that this is a promise that you have made to yourselves. Take to heart this vision I see and make it your own, for you have divested your energy into the making of the dream, by bringing it forward into your intent. Now you can see it come forth into your lives by living that knowing that you are sovereign beings and you have inherited the earth as your piece of Heaven.


Thank you dear Master St. Germain,

Love, Nancy Tate