Wakeup Call Message
July 05, 2004



          There is a topic that I wish to employ this morning, and it is one that bears some thought on all your parts. That is the one of justifiable replication of energies of trust within the judicial system. I am Lotar, and in this time and space I come to you from one of the moons of Jupiter. I am most pleased to be speaking with you once more, for it has been some time.

There are many things that are taking place on your world these days, and one of them is a reworking of your justice system. Within this system are clauses that speak to the jurisdiction of certain manmade laws of governance that pertain to the people of the land and their rights to a just and equitable freedom of speech and of governance. These are covered in your constitution, and in as much as they are, so to speak, on the shelf at this moment, according to the original intent of the clauses, there is an in-filtering of many interests that seek to disrupt the very nature of those clauses.

What I intend to accomplish through this message is to allow you to look at the outward assemblage of results of that disruption. Because of it there is no freedom of speech except in the minority of media sources that are small town and independent, with an intact sense of the freedom in which they were established.

We speak now of the grassroots of your great nation. We speak of the amount of freedom that still lives in the hearts of the people of the land. This is what will bring back to the surface and into the lives of all of you, the very idea of what justice and freedom is.

Do you remember when you could open a newspaper or magazine and you knew that you were reading the unbiased truth? Do you remember when you could tune in to the radio, and know that you were being told exactly what was happening throughout your country and the world?

Get yourself ready for that again, for there is a time coming and soon when this will be your reality again. This is going to become one of the projects that will awaken to the souls and hearts of all of you. This will also reflect your standing once again in the world community. The love and power for which you were known as a country will once again be strong and sure. 

The difference this time, my friends, is that you will be considered an equal in standing of good faith and as another member of the family of man, with your own piece of the whole picture, harmoniously working together to bring about the harmonic that will be the energy of this ascension that is being entered into now.

We on this moon of Jupiter have been monitoring your progress, and we wish to say that there is a noticeable difference in the colors that are being emitted from your planet as far as the issues of freedom and justice are concerned. Are you aware that each harmonic of emotional energy emits its own color light? Yes, that is as it is within your individual auras. When the people of earth share an emotion as one, in other words the consensus, there is a light color that we are able to see as we read the aura of earth.

We have seen that light color change from a muddy almost indistinguishable color, to a color that is lightening and clearing. This represents the intent of the people, not necessarily the outer manifestation of life on earth. This represents that the energy of change has begun, and it is starting where all manifestation is born, in the intent.

When you have been able to live the changes that are about to spring upon your planet’s societal adjustments, we will see a brightening and further clearing of that light color. We will see that there is a forward moving of this, and that we can then become neighbors in the truest sense of the word. We will come with our cups of sugar and ask to be invited in for tea. We will come and we will bring the plates of cookies, and the grand stories to tell over good food and kind thoughts.

We love you all so very much. We wish to share with you what we have learned about bringing harmony to our world. We have undergone a series of evolutionary changes ourselves, and in so doing we have established colonies far underground on our home planet, and rendered the surface as a shrine to our evolutionary status at this time. 

This too can change in another few hundred thousand years, for we are in the energy of approaching a whole new biospherical evolution that will support the intent of the next continuum of life expression on our planet. At this time we are undergoing a series of transformational changes of the entire planet. This is coming about due to the changes that the whole solar system is undergoing.

What you on earth are experiencing right now is a part of this whole change, and a most important part. Without this segment of the transmutative process we would not have been able to progress as we have. For this we commend you, and add our congratulations for the fine work that you all are doing. Yes, I even speak to those of you who do not read these words, but that are living your dreams, as surely as there is icing on the cakes in the supermarkets on your earth.

When these changes continue as they surely will on your planet, you will find that the parts of your constitution which have been laying on the shelf for lo these many years are taken down and dusted off and opened for the world to experience in their own way, either directly or indirectly; then there will be a great falling together of so many aspects of your lives as a free and just people of the planet earth. This is a time for all of you to reassess how you have been living, and see that there is an opening to a truth that has been evading your senses for what to some of you has been a lifetime.

We are most pleased to be able to be talking with you in this manner, for it means that we are almost at a point where we can put the kettle on and fill the cup and put on our best bib and tucker. We will greet you and welcome you to our family of the universe, and we will embrace you all with a sound of love and a tone of truth, and a whisper of “Glad you saw the light burning. We lit it for you.”


Thank you dear brother Lotar,

Love, Nancy Tate