Wakeup Call Message
July 27, 2004



          My dear ones, as this one rushes off to her vacation in Maine, I wish to share with you an experience she has had with her family, and offer that this is a time of great coming together of families that have been thrust aside by differences in philosophical beliefs and changes n ways of life.

          I am Baldor, and I wish to make this short message as an addition to the one that I will bring in the days to come that will be the last one that I bring as to myself.

          In these days that come there will be many opportunities for healing with this family. The times will present themselves, and if my estimation is correct, they will be rewarded with a new closeness with those family members who have felt the estrangement.

          I recognize that there are many out there who are experiencing the same estrangement due to the road that you travel now that is so far from the usual one. This is going to change in some cases my dear ones, and in more than you may realize. With the increasing energies of unity and oneness, there is a natural trend toward mending fences and closing rifts that have occurred. Take heart dear ones for this is a natural part of the transition stage you are in now.

          Family is an integral part of society, and when there is a strong and loving foundation built around families there is a strong likelihood that within that family is the sure ability to come together again and close that gap.

          I am finding that the energies lend their support in a most interesting way. They bring the members of the families together, sometimes in a way that they resist. Then when faced with the obvious solution, they relent and realize that there is safety here, and the door that is open is one that they remember as a child, and therefore a safe one.

          When the door does not feel safe, then that door is presented as any safe time in their lives, and if not this life, then another, for safety and unity is the issue, and it will be fulfilled.

          As you go about your days, and you find yourselves thinking of my words, pick up the phone, write a note and send it through the mail, write an email and click it to your estranged loved one. Then watch the return of a feeling of love whell up inside you and present itself to you, even before you receive the possible response. It can be very healing, just to heal and close that gap within yourself. Then you will know that the door is yours, and you have opened it wide and inviting.

          I leave now and allow this one to finish her preparations for flight. She has some surprises in store for her this trip, and she will no doubt feel pressed to joyfully share them with you all. Till once more I send you my love through this one, know that I am your grandest friend in this energy that I sit in and that I think you are indeed a glorious lot.


Thank you dear, grand brother Baldor,

Love, Nancy Tate