Wakeup Call Message
July 26, 2004

 My Dear ones,

    I will be leaving tomorrow to go to Maine for a vacation with my family. While there, I will do some Wake up Calls, though it will be random, and of unknown number. I will return on Aug 5. Now here's today's Wake up Call.

  Love, Nancy



          My dear ones, I AM coming to you from the halls of justice outside of the capital building in the great state of New Hampshire. I am Baldor, and I have come to earth this day and embodied for a spell to take a place of honor that is well served by my compatriots in time.

          My mission is to be a statesman of great peace and integrity in the furtherance of the justice system as it was outlined for this great country, the United States of America. It is within my capability to give you a different point of view in the matters of state here, as is compared with those of Orloff.

          My dear ones, I feel it is now time to reveal to you a bit more about who I am, and why I have come to this place at this time in history. I am from your future, and in the capacity of being an aspect of this one, I also am going to become the distant future personage of this one. In this timeline, there is much to do to result in this fact.

          When I aspected from this one, it was with the intention to bring a degree of knowledge to her for this time in her existence on this planet. With the information I bring to her from her future, I will be able to incorporate my beingness with her from this point on, for I do so with the satisfaction of the purpose of my being Baldor.

          The purpose of my temporary embodiment is but a slight overture in the whole of the purpose. In a few days I will make my presence known to her within her beingness, and the integration will be complete. From that point, I will no longer be Baldor in this timeline, but an integral part of her.

          There are others who are experiencing the same kind of integration at this time. With the transitioning into the fifth and sixth dimensions, there is reason for the aspects of the future, and sometimes of the past, to come and reunite with their other selves. This has been purposed for sometime, and when the process is complete, then ascension will be possible.

          From that point on into the future, any more aspecting will be a conscious matter, and will be purposed for a specific incidence. It will be a way in which to exercise the many capabilities that are prevalent within your beingness, and will serve to forward the ascension of the species.

          Now I shall address the subject of Orloff. Have you ever noted the similarity of the sound of Orloff to the sound of Earth? There is purpose in that, and it is because they are representing the same body, the same planet. The difference is in the timeline. I have come from your future to show you how to not become Orloff; how to keep yourselves from experiencing the outcome of being expelled from your universe. I am but one emissary who has come for that purpose; there are many.

          Though we are lightbodied in one sense of the word, we are not able to function outside of our sphere, therefore are able only to be of ourselves. We also must retain our extreme density and therefore are contained within bodies that are cumbersome and rotund. Our lightbodiedness pertains to our degree of awareness of who we are as a Divine entity.

There are several outcomes that can be experienced from the dark energies of the light spectrum. If earth were to go on in the energies of the darkness, if your present cabal were to be able to prevail, then the destiny would be to become Orloff, and have to experience what we have become. This is one possible future that you could experience, among others, including complete annialation.

          However, this is not to be, for Source has decreed that there shall be a New Golden Age, and that all of our experience and information shall be called in and brought to rest in the minds and hearts of all of you, and in so doing you will be able to bring the fullness of your beingness to this experience of ascension while remaining on earth.

          My purpose in being here in the state of New Hampshire is to acquaint myself with the energies of beginnings in the justice of the land. There is a unique energy that has been established here due to the fact that this is where the election energy of your country is established, and in that the energy of justice has a foothold in the energies of what is prevalent.

          I am experiencing these energies, and realizing how strongly they influence the outcome of the rest of the Nation. Think of the saying you have, “As goes New Hampshire, so goes the nation”. Do you realize that it is no accident or random occurrence that this state bears the name of a prominent place in England? Do you also realize that this part of the globe also is a portal for certain energies of justice and the process of governing?

          Yes, my dear ones. There is a self-activated portal here that brings in a degree of energy that determines the outcome of the process of self-governing. This energy in turn brings together this process and renders it whole with the entire country. Do you see how that works?

          There are around the country various portals that are strongest in those areas for different things and aspects of life on earth. Just look at the various places and see how some strongly represent certain occurrences. That is where you will find a portal for the strength of that energy.

          Now my dear ones, I wish to make one more point before I leave this transmission. I will be visiting you all one more time before I am fully integrated into this one. From that point she will be bringing information from her totality including that of the information I bring to her beingness. It will be of her, not of her and me, for we will be one. I will still exist in the timeline of the future for a time, until all is integrated in All Of The All. When this next integration of me into her takes place, she will then be able to access not only the information of her past on earth, but also of her future through me. She will be able to utilize this information to further the work that she will do in the future that she helps to build for the ascension and beyond of all of you. As I said before, she will be joining with all of you in varying degrees with this kind of occurrence.

          I would like to take this opportunity now to tell you all how much I love and honor you. I have enjoyed tremendously the times I have spent interacting with you in these messages. When I come again for the last time as Baldor, I will share with you a fact that will assist you to understand more why I have chosen this particular name-Baldor- and why I have come to this time where I can integrate with this one. Till then, I will part with these words, “I will never be gone from you, for I am always with you even unto the end of time. You are the sweetest of the sweet and the dearest of the dear, and I will always be in your hearts and in your souls as a piece of the whole in Divinity.”


Thank you dear, sweet brother Baldor,

Love, Nancy Tate