Morning Wakeup Call Message
July 22, 2003

            Today is the day they give wonders away. Today is a day for the coming together of all the pieces of the puzzle. I am in your service and I am going to bring you a story of a time when there was no gift giving, and no wonders to perform. Good morning, I am the Wonder of your Consciousness, and I am here to bring you up to date on your part in the great scheme of things.

            Once when the world was very, very young, you came to the shores of a great sea, and you gave a great deal of thought and energy in how to go across the sea to the other side. You fashioned great vessels out of wood and bark, and you placed them in the water and slid them out into the middle of the sea. In most cases you didn’t get far because you had not anticipated that you needed some kind of glue to keep the vessels afloat. So some of you drowned because you didn’t know about swimming. These were the early experiences of man, and it was trial by error in many cases. This was time when you were operating mostly on instinct and observation of other life on the planet.

            As you started to use your brains in the forward movement of your species, you were able to discover means by which to solve some of the situations that you encountered. You were able to come up with solutions to the problems that came into your everyday lives. This was a wonder of your existence when you began to stray further from your homes.

            One day you discovered that there were other ways to get to the places that beckoned to you. You discovered that for the weaker ones in your tribes there was a device that was later called the travois. This enabled you to build encampments far from your old homes where the weather suited you more. It also was a means by which to escape the marauding bands of people who sometimes invaded your camps and forced you into battle or escape.

            When these times came you also discovered that you often were lead into places that were more fertile, and enabled you to grow crops that gave you food. This was an occurrence that you came by from observation of the re-introduction and the propagation of seeds as they fell to the ground and sprouted plants. Your ideas of observation were becoming more pronounced and you soon were eating the fruits of your labor. These seeds you carried with you from camp to camp.

            All of these evolvements came about through several hundred years, for your rate of evolvement was at a point of the earliest rotation. Consider the outer rotation of a spiral, in this equation. This is the rate at which a species evolves. As you became more sophisticated, the rate increased. This is the nature of the species.

            Now you are at a rate in your evolvement where your rate of growth is tremendous compared to those days. You are evolving at such a tremendous rate that sometimes you feel as though you are living two existences. I am seeing this in your auras and your frequencies. There are times when you feel as though you are living in one dimension one day, and another the next. It can even be from moment to moment; the differences are so rapid. This is in actuality the case. You are in that flux dimension, and that means that you stream from one dimension to another depending on the intent of your evolvement at the moment. This is the key here my friends; it is the intent that you bring to the moment that determines what you experience in the particular dimension you choose.

            This is a new concept for you. This is the way of this degree of reality that you live in now. You are floating in and out of the third, fourth, and fifth, dimensions most of the time, sometimes even into the sixth through the ninth. This is for the purpose of absolving all your karma, even that which you may have accumulated in the past few moments, and for bringing a greater degree of understanding to your last few moments of time in this “time of no time”, as the Mayans paraphrased it. This is when all the loose ends are being tied, and the last business of the day is being taken care of.

            So if you feel that you are most of the time going off half cocked and are not connecting strongly with anything, then take solace in that this is but a temporary occurrence, and you will begin to “normalize” as the time draws nearer, when you will have accomplished all of the preparation that you are working on right now. This is your journey, and you are well aware of the process in the deepest recesses of your being. There are even those of you who are aware for the most part in your consciousness of this transitory time. And now there are even more, through this communication. Now, when these wild things happen, look to them as part of the process, and relax. In fact, your understanding of the process can make it even easier to go through it, and therefore render it fluid and sustaining to your well-being.

            I close this transmission with a thought for you to carry. Go not into the world with a care on your back, and you go into the world asleep at the wheel. Go not into the world with a knowing that you are supreme, and you never awaken from your slumber.


Thank you dear Wonder of our Consciousness,

Nancy Tate