Morning Wakeup Call Message
July 29, 2003


            Good morning, I am St. Germaine, and I wish to say to all of you who have jumped on the bandwagon that there is a steadily increasing interest in getting NESARA promoted and brought before the people of the world. This is because of the announcement that was brought forward a few days ago that gave the world the news that there was yet another delay. This was the turning point my dear ones. This was the straw that enlightened all to the coming times when it was time to bring the gift of this law to the people of the world. When this comes it will be as the uniting of all the light people all over the globe, for you are all light people and you are all united in one cause, and that is the cause of freedom and justice of the divine.

            Go to your halls of learning and talk with the students of the law, the new law that is making history. Remind them of the time long ago when there was another law that came forward from the people who were searching for their freedom and justice. There is history being made here, and you are the purveyors of that history. This is the time when the books are being re-written, and the ancient memories are coming forward to fill in the blanks.

            Why do you think there is so much emotion surrounding this law? It is because this is history. You are reliving the emotions of the time over two hundred years ago when you brought forth the declaration of your independence from the anarchists that tried to keep you enslaved. You were not to be stopped then, and you are not to be stopped now. This is your inheritance from yourselves. Were you aware of this? This is the continuation as you awaken, of the energies that you set in place those years ago.

            But this is not where it started, my friends. This is where it continued even then. It came from the earliest times of your being enslaved and harnessed like so many cattle. There was a time in your ancient past when you left your homelands for the purposes of freeing your selves from the bondage that you were enduring. History repeats itself, and now you are bearing the repetition that is going to once and for all bring you out into the light and free you. And do you realize yet, that you will be standing alongside those who have bound you?

            Oh, yes, my friends; this is the truth of it. This is the time to bring the compassion forward in great measure, for that is the feeling, the energy that will set you free. It is not about the money! It is not about the plastic! It is not about the contracts on paper that have been adultered! It is about the love! It is about the compassion! It is about the destiny that you all are living. It is about holding out a hand to ALL who are involved and in their places at the exact correct time. It is about going to the top of the heap and looking down and seeing yourself among the faces and knowing you are with them and they are with you.

            So, my friends, as I leave this message today, I tell you that there is nothing that is not Holy about this time in your lives. It is all in the name of the Creator and the wonderful expression that you are giving to the deeds you have done. This is a beautiful expression that you give of your sovereignty, and you are carrying it to the pinnacle of the Holy. I love each and every one of you, and I AM touched to the core with the light that is streaming forth from every one of you.


Thank you dear Master St. Germaine,

Nancy Tate