Morning Wakeup Call Message
July 25, 2003


            There’s a time in every one’s life when one has to be loyal to oneself above all others, and that time is now. When you gather together in your fields of clover and tell each other of your doubts and fears, you are shaking loose of all the previous truths that you have accumulated through this life of tyranny and absolutions. Good morning, I am St. Germaine, and I come to you in request for all of you to take another look at NESARA and know in the depths of your heart where you really stand as far as the validity of the law is concerned.

            There has been a great deal of talk of late of the passages of time that it is taking for this law to come forward. Do you think that this is a necessary part of the procedure, or do you wonder at the truth of the delays and where they are really based? This is a legitimate concern, for there are those who would see that there is nothing to this law, and it is nothing but a smokescreen put up by the illuminati to strengthen their cause.

            I tell you this, there will come a time when there is no court in the land that is not 100% behind NESARA. This is a certainty. There are as many courts in this land that are in the control of the illuminati as there are that are in the control of the people. This is fact, my friends, and this too will change. When you see that the organizations that were long controlled by the few who live in the shadows are coming out into the light, it is because they have seen a helping hand, and they are grasping it in the knowledge that there is something fine and light at the end of that hand.

            Let us consider, I you will, that there is no illuminati in the world. What would the world look like? Is there any part of today’s world that does not reflect the fear that is generated by these ones? Is there any aspect of your everyday life that does not carry at least one small particle of the fear that is infused into your societies? This is the measure by which you can determine your part in the aspects of the society you live in. With this measure you can see how wonderfully you can affect this society and allow the shadows to disburse. And you can do it in a lot shorter length of time.

How can you do it? By banding together and creating an immovable force of light that permeates every nuance of society, and does it NOW. This is the way you can make a difference in your life and that of the society you live in. There is no greater force than that which lives within, and that which proves that God the Source of all is the highest power in the existence of all that is.

            You can show the world that you have sovereignty, and that you are taking the world back into your hands by every means that the light within you inspires. There are those who have a dream for this nation and this world. They have put together a law that covers all the injustices that have come from the shadows and infiltrated all aspects of your lives. This has been allowed to carry forth for all these eons in purpose, and now it is time to push those shadows away, and bring the light back into the societies and watch the miracle of life take a different turn.

            You can make a difference. You can take your initiative and go out there and allow this law to work for you. You can go into the marketplace and demand that the truth come out. You can go to the banks and tell them that you know about the changes coming and that you are paying minimum balances. You can go to the streets and tell the people that there is a new law coming and it represents the people and the light. You can go to the lawmakers and tell them that you celebrate their original cause of helping to keep the peace and bring justice to the people. You can go out into the public at gatherings and tell the people about this law that will bring their co-operation and their trust in the government once more. You can live your life with the full knowledge that abundance is in your hands and in your lives, and that there is no need for squandering your prosperity on a few who would seek to take from you your hard earned dollars just to feel a bit more powerful. You can own this law, and you can be the ones to bring it forward, through your collective actions and faith in the power of the light. This is a nation and a world of masters, and a world of absolutes. So this is the time to go forth and be what you know you are. There is no time like the present, so here you are my friends with a great deal of love and compassion go out there and take your country back and your life.

            We are behind you all the way, and we love the ground you walk on for it is hallowed. Blessings!


Thank you dear Master St. Germaine,

Nancy Tate