Morning Wakeup Call Message
July 24, 2003


            Good morning, I am St. Germaine, and I wish to tell you of a time when I was young and I didn’t know which way was up and who the pope was, much less, the man in the moon. I speak this day of a time when I was a new being on this planet, and I was still in the early throes of evolvement. Those were the days of barely eking out an existence and gathering all that you ate from the forests and the waterways around your encampment.

            Those were days of utter simplicity, for there were no devices by which to complicate the world. There were no atom bombs and there were no huge oil refineries to decorate the landscape with their plumes of smoke, and acres of steel. There was only the space between mother earth and ourselves, and that space was sacred. We gave ourselves to the land, and the land gave to us. We gathered her bounty and we gave back with our tireless love and our unbounded energy to traverse her soils and waters with little or no effort. It was as a second nature to us to fly over her surface with our own intent.

            Yes, that is the way it was. We were able to raise ourselves over the jutted and rough areas of her land and travel a great distance in very little time. We went to many areas on this globe, and we didn’t have baggage to claim and tickets to buy. We took what we could fasten on our backs with the skin bags that we fashioned from the animals that we sacrificed for our nourishment. Yes, we ate of the flesh, as well. But only that which came to us in a state of readiness to leave the body and introduce itself to another. This was the harmony with which all of life flowed through this existence on the planet.

            Then something happened on this planet. It began with the advent of a new idea. There came from the sky one day a ship of such enormity that we had never seen. It was a living being, though not like any winged creature we had ever seen. This ship came into our midst and two beings disembarked from it’s inner chambers. These beings stood before us, and communicated with us through our minds. They told us that they were from a great civilization on another planet in the skies. They said that they had come in love and were interested in living on this planet in harmony with the ones who were already here. They told us that they wanted to be one of us and live with us, and bring us their technology.

            Well, as you can imagine, we were taken aback by this visitation. We knew of no such thing, yet we did not fear them. They were a curiosity to us, a new experience to enjoy. So we welcomed them to our midst, and many more then emerged from the ship. Then eventually more ships came, and soon there were many of these beings walking on the earth and spreading far and wide, all over the planet. They told us of the other areas of the planet that we had not as yet seen. They told us that their craft had gone to these areas and set down and deposited more of their ones in these places. They told us that there was to be a great plan that was to take place, and that there would be a great many things that would take place over a long, long period of time. They said that part of the plan was to have people stretch their imaginations and see where that took them in their evolvement. There were to be great cities that would be created, and there would be great nations that would populate the earth, and change the way things are done here.

            I tell you now, my friends, we at first could not comprehend this as being anything but wonderful, for we had known no fear. We were pure in our development and perceptions, for we were in the energy of the Creator. Though we from time to time had felt a tug at that peace, we soon allowed it to float on by, and we returned to the peacefulness that was our nature.

            After these beings had been on the planet for a time, they began to do things that caused us to feel afraid. We were less able to restore our peace, and this caused us to stay more and more in the fear. Finally we got to a point where we were feeling threatened by these beings, and we were being taken to places that continually felt foreign and unsafe. Over the course of many hundreds of years we were reduced to the status of numbed beings who no longer were able to function in the divinity that we had known.

            In this time period, I lived a couple lives, and when the time came to inhabit another body, I came into a body of one of the beings who had come from the skies. This was a whole new experience for me. Thus began the whole karma cycle for me. This was the start of my evolvement through the plan on earth to bring us to this point in time. I lived many lives, and progressed in my evolvement to the place where I was able to ascend my body and take the position of Master. Most of you came through the journey with me, and most of you are living this dream along with those who came into this plan on this planet earth. Most of you were masters who came here from the sky that time, and you have split and developed to the stage where you are now.

            So when you think of me as the great Ascended Master I am, remember that except for the veil that you have placed between yourselves and the Creator, you are as I AM. You are living your roles in this great play, and you are walking the same path that I have walked, just in different shoes this time. There will come a time when the veils will be ripped open, and the truth shall come streaming forth. You will open your eyes and see me, and you will say, “Welcome home to my reality, for I AM the light and the love.”


Thank you dear Master St. Germaine,

Nancy Tate