Morning Wakeup Call Message
July 21, 2003


            My friends, and fellow countrymen, I wish to convey to you that there are many out there who wish to bring you to a greater way of being and a greater degree of truth. This is the very image of the wonderful coming together of the tribes of Israel. I am St. Germaine, and I wish to inform you today of the degree of connection that has long been in play around the world, and very recently in this country as well.

            When the people of the United States came to the shores of the new country and greeted the natives who welcomed them, they found the land to be most inviting. They also found it to be to their liking for another reason. It suited the feelings of familiarity that rendered forth in their hearts. You see, there was great synchronicity in the advent of the trip across the waters, and this was in the energy of the pilgrimage that they had at one time made to other sands and other shores.

            In the times of old when the tribes went out of Egypt, there were many who were looking to the journey as a way to find their freedom. For those who didnít have that in mind there was a feeling of finding a new way of living in the Promised Land. They however didnít regard this feeling as freedom, for they had never felt the absence of freedom. When those who longed for freedom left their homeland, they did so with an expectation of happiness and new beginnings. They felt that there would no longer be any ones who would tyrannize them, or cause them to fear for their rights as a person living on the earth, and in their own right.

            We all know the history surrounding this exodus, and we know as well, the nature of the future exodus of the people from across the waters who landed on the new shores of a new land of freedom. What we are seeing here is the repeat of history, for some of the people who came to these shores did so with a feeling that mimicked the feelings of adventure that had been felt in the days long past. As ship after ship of wayfarers alighted on the shore of the new land, they came with the idea of making a new life for themselves with new vistas to explore and new opportunities for a rich and rewarding life. They didnít think of it in terms of freedom, or tyranny. They merely looked forward to another adventure in the experience of life.

            Does any of this sound familiar to any of you? Is there any ring of truth to this representation of motivation? Do you think of the new opportunities of this coming event as a freedom from tyranny, or is it mostly that you will have opportunity for the richness of your life, for another adventure to look forward to? How is it that you look upon this upcoming event? Which of the groups of feelings do you represent with the expectation of the act that is coming forward?

            When you ask yourself this question, bear complete witness to your answer, for that is your truth, and it need not look as anotherís truth. This is the roadmap by which you can express your welcome to this news that is coming. You are about to embark on a new way of living on this land, and it is sweet my friends, if that is what you want from this.

            When you dig into the very realization of the response you derive from this feeling, you will find an avenue by which you can approach this new way of living. You can look into your feelings and move forward from there. Never mind what otherís responses are; that is perfect for them. Bear strong conviction in the face of your response and you will find that your life will unfold in a way that will bring strength into your life and a spring into your step.

            I leave now with a note to the wise. You can never go wrong if you listen to your heart and know the message your feelings whisper in your ear. This is where your strength lies, and you are the only bearer of your truth.


Thank you dear Master St. Germaine,

Nancy Tate