Morning Wakeup Call Message
July 17, 2003


            When you wake up feeling good and you take a cup of tea out to the patio, what are you thinking as you sit and watch the world go by? Are you thinking of the wonders that are spread before you, are you thinking of the people who walk by with their dogs, or are you thinking of how much you would love to be in the midst of the fray and loving all of it? I am St Germaine, and I am here to tell you that once, there was I in a conversation with myself as to the other lives and the other pastimes. This was early on in my development, and in those times I was the same as some of you, always thinking of something other than where I was at the moment. Always looking down the line and up the street as to what my life could be like.

            Then I began to change; I began to see my life as it was. I appreciated the things I surrounded myself with, though I realized that they really had no meaning, except what I gave them. This was a turning point in my life, and I began to really pay attention to the moments in my life. This was a valuable tool for me, and I was overjoyed with the openness with which I was able to live my life. I found new power in the things I manifested and the wonders I could perform. Of course, this carried through many lives in my development. It wasnít an overnight success. I got there though; and I spent a great many lives in the frays of otherís lives, before I paid more attention to mine. I found that in doing so, mine improved. When the emphasis was off others and on me, I found that even in the same circumstance, just removing the focus from them to me, I was able to see the higher picture, and it became a win-win situation.

            This is a formula for success that would bear well in your lives. It has been tried and true for eons, and that is part of the energy that has brought so many to the status of master. Did you know that you all are masters? Yes, we have all traveled in many circles and we have had many times together, you and I. We have climbed mountains and swam rivers on many planets, including this great Mother Earth. We have glided through galaxies and spun through rainbows of different star systems, and come back around to tell our tales of joy. Now we are about to embark on another tale that will swell in the telling, for the telling will be in the creating, and that is the magic of the creation.

            When you all came to this game, this play in the heavens, you came with the full knowledge that you would forget your mastery. This was your greatest challenge, to live this play and come back to your mastery while asleep in amnesia. You are doing just that, my friends. The journey is at a pinnacle, and the destiny is being won out. As you glide to home plate amid the cheers and encouragement, you come with the amnesia slipping away.

            Now on your patio engrossed in your tea, you think often of the aroma and richness of the blend, more than you think of the activities out there in the world that floats by in the haze of the steam from the cup that you hold in your hand and caress in your mind. You drink in the pleasures of the sweet drops of honey that titillate the senses; and you appreciate the stillness with which you enjoy this moment that is yours for your making. You are lost in the fragrance as it dances across your senses, and you are the tea as it embraces you in its own sweet way. This is your heaven, and you have created it. Then when you choose, you sift your attention to the flower on the vine, and you adore the touch of the petal so soft against your fingertip. The aroma permeates the very essence of your being and you discover the taste of a rose for the first time, just by being the rose. Then you merge the tea and the rose, and you know where it got its name. And your delight mirrors the knowing that all is one and all is sweet and all is beautiful.

            Now you have created a miracle of nature, and you are one with Mother Earth, for you have merged your power with hers. And you understand the miracle, and you know how it happens. And you know you are God, and you know that so is everyone and everything. And you weep with joy; and you caress the day with your love. And this is my gift to you that I share with the love that I feel, for you all are my family and you all are my love. And I shower blessings upon you. Good day!


Thank you dear Master St. Germaine,

Nancy Tate