Morning Wakeup Call Message
July 16, 2003


            There is a long distance between the finalization of the tribal wars and the onset of the declaration of the freedom of the masses. And that long distance is but a mere centimeter to anyone but a snail. This is St. Germaine, and I bring to you a lesson in perception. This is a time when there are many ways in which to look at an issue. Take the issue of cleanliness: when one keeps his surroundings spic and span it may be to another that the person is living in filth. When someone feels that his tie looks good with his suit, another may feel that the colors clash glaringly. It is all a matter of personal perspective.

            As for the matter of the readiness for NESARA some believe that they have been ready for it for many years; when another feels that it is all a bunch of hogwash and canít work anyway. Here we have two perceptions of readiness, and each is equally valid, in as much as the effect they have on NESARA.

            When you read of, or someone enters into conversation with you about NESARA what do you do? How do you feel about it? Do you say, oh yes that would be nice, but itís just too good to be true? Or do you exclaim that this is the best thing to come along since sliced bread? It all affects the outcome of the announcement. When you give out an energy it comes back in the same energy. You can all bring this about in a timely manner and in a way that will bring you prosperity and freedom for the rest of your days. You can sit in your seats and direct the energies of this gift to the expansiveness of the eternal flame; you have that power. We are doing what we can, and now it is in your capable hands to assist us.

            Did you know that your perception of something creates it as you see it, and to the degree of your belief in that perception? Look at your life and see how that is manifesting in your life. Examine your beliefs about anything, and look at the way it affects your life. You may be amazed with the power you have. In turn, you can then turn your life around in the avenues that you would seek to improve.

            I have a plan for you. This is the plan that was first incepted when time began on your planet. When you wake in the morning and you first open your eyes, lie there for a while and plan a day as you would most like it to look. Get all the nuances of every minute down pat in your mind. Feel the deliciousness of every moment, for in your mind you can span a day in mere moments. After you have satisfied yourself that you have created a wonderful day, then rise and start your manifestation of that day. It doesnít have to have the exact details that you have created in your mind, for time and relativity change circumstances. As long as you carry the feelings you had of the events, then you will be creating the perfection of the day as you created it. Are you getting the picture? Are you seeing how creation is established?

            This is the way that you bring about the lives that you desire. This is the way that you create beauty in your life. This is the way that you bring abundance into your life. Act as if you already have it, for you do, just by the feelings you have about it. Feel your life with NESARA in it. Bring it into your NOW, for it is there.

            I love this time I have with you coming through this one. You are my family and I am so pleased to be coming into your homes and your hearts, for I feel your love and compassion. I feel your energy just as surely as I feel mine, for it is all the same. No matter whom I speak through, it is always a joy and a privilege to serve all of you this way. Some day I will walk with you and shake your hands and hug you with a bear hug that will be like none you have ever experienced (Have you ever been hugged by a bear? When the fear is removed, there is nothing grander!).

            I leave you now to your day of creation, and I go with you through the chase. Blessings!!!


Thank you dear Master St. Germaine,

Nancy Tate