Morning Wakeup Call Message
July 11, 2003


            I come to you this morning with a song in my heart and a quickening to my step. There are things going on that bring on a feeling of jubilation and wonder. Good morning my friends, I am St. Germaine, and I wish to tell you all of a second coming of my friend Sananda.

            When I told this one a few days ago that there would be a change in the energy at the beginning of this week, there was indeed. And that change affected all of you in varying degrees. We saw the differences in the emotional bodies of so many. For some it was as a slight coloration difference in your auras. For others the change was dramatic. Many of you re-visited ancient memory of emotional blockages and released them to be transmuted into liquid gold that flowed over your faces as a cleansing river.

            This my friends was the second coming of the Christed energy. It was a beautiful emergence of the sun on an otherwise cloudy day. This, rather than a spectacle in the skies as some have been prophesying, is what has been meant by the second coming of Christ. Notice the word was Christ. The word was speaking of the energy by which you will all come into this new age of compassion.

            Now I tell you of another revelation that has taken place in the past few days, and that is that of the coming of the golden children in the halls of infamy. They are the ones who bring back the ancient knowledge, and they bring it back awake. They will tell you of the times that you have stood with them and carried on in the manner that you now begin to remember. They will tell you that you stood on the ancient shores of Lemuria and Atlantis and felt the energies of the times you are in now, except the emergence that you are feeling now was already behind you. Once again you see the mirror. It is as if you are living the image of the other side of the mirror that reflected your lives back to you at that time. Remember that nothing ever is destroyed that has been created. It may change, but its life force is never gone.

            This brings me to another matter that I would like to present. This is the coming event that has been long awaited. Do you know how this came about energetically? This was already lived, in its mirror image those years ago, while in Atlantis. Yes, the potential and blueprint for this coming event was established many eons ago while you all lived your lives on the soils and rocks of that place that now sits under the waters of our planet. This represents the gifting of the Creator, which you all were living at the time. When you all came under the influence of the other energies that brought technology and the temptations of ego to your lives, then the riches endowed by the Creator were cut off; and they were cut off by you, my friends. You cut them off with your gradual slip into the world of amnesia.

Now you see why it is as we have been telling you that it is up to you now to complete the work of bringing this event to your experience. Now it is up to you to allow the physical steps to lead to the manifestation in your world. Creator Source has provided the energy in which this can come forward; now all you need do is step forward and say, “Yes, I thank you for this wonderful gift that you bring to me and all of humanity.” We await the echoes that reverberate around the globe and then the announcement will come forward. The strains of the beautiful music are already ringing in our ears, and we are hearing the echoes of the promise of a crescendo that will be heard in the outer reaches of the universe. Sing it loud and sing it clear. All you need do is sing, “NESARA YES, WE THANK YOU, AND LOVE YOU OH CREATOR AND FRIEND!”

            Blessings are upon you!


Thank you dear Master St. Germaine,

Nancy Tate