Morning Wakeup Call Message
July 08, 2003


            Good morning my friends and co-horts, I am coming to you from the halls of justice and I am going to tell you of the coming events that will give the world a wonderful opportunity to come to terms with themselves as they relate to the world and their God. I am St Germaine, and I have been very busy with all the preparations within the present world affair and the individual reassurances that all is going according to plan.

            When I came and took my part in this coming event, it was, in a way, as though I had never left the hallowed halls from which I now speak. It was as a homecoming and a reunion with the energies of expansion that had been brought forward at the time. That was a time of renewal and rebirth of the spirit that had for so long been squelched by those who would have the world in their pocket.

            This is no longer being allowed to continue. There is in place and ready for announcement a plan that will bring to an end the tyranny that has infiltrated every aspect of life on this planet. In the recent days there has been an elevation of outside occurrences that is responsible for some of the delaying tactics that have occurred. With the resolution of these tactics there is now a clear way for the event to happen. What we ask for now is for all of you to be ready not only in your minds but in your hearts, for you are the ones with the key, and you are the ones who will bring this before the faces of all who are tuned in to the screens that will bring this forward.

            Never before in the history of man has such an occurrence come to light. Never before has there been such a stirring of the pot to bring more of the ingredients to the surface as has been observed here. This is a time of great progress in the ascension process, for this is going to open the eyes of many, and cause them to look deep within for the understanding that they will need to see this gift for what it really is. Even in the heart of this one in the past days there is a major shift taking place due to events that have come to her attention. There is a reluctance to believe in the gifts that come disguised in a suspicious manner. Her suspicion is only the result of her conditioning to not be able to trust that which is handed to her on a silver platter.

            This is the same that will come for many of you, and those who will be hearing of this for the first time. This is the result of the years and lifetimes of misguided allowance of the influence of the forces that seek supremacy over all. Now with this gift that is coming forward, there will be the challenge of believing in the gifts from spirit that are represented in this event. There is no longer a balance of power between the tyranists and those who are under their iron fist. Now there is to be only the influence of the spirit within each and every one of you, and the Creator. This is the gift that is waiting in the wings to spread forth its sunshine and rain down on you all in precious metals and sovereignty for you all.

            Now it is time to claim it, now before it hits the screens and comes streaming into the living rooms of the American people. Now is the time to see it in its glory and claim it as already a part of your lives. Welcome it home, and add it to the list of guests at the dinner parties that you throw in honor of the re-found power of supremacy that you have over your lives. Welcome the challenge that it will bring you, for it will turn your lives upside down and forward and you will love every minute, if you trust and allow the joy to surface and lead you through this bounty that is about to be given you.

            I close this communication with one last announcement before the big one. This is to inform you that there are a host of angels awaiting your bidding to appear and shake your hands for the honor of being in your company. They are observing from the heavens and they are loving the scene. Go forth in your day and God bless you all.


Thank you dear Master St. Germaine,

Nancy Tate