Morning Wakeup Call Message
July 23, 2003

            Good morning my dear ones, I am the light and the love, and I bring to you the following message. This is the time in your life when there are promises that are made and there are stories that are told among all of the people on earth. When these stories are told there is great opportunity for discernment, and there is great opportunity for the knowledge that all is in perfect order. This is the wonder of the mind and the truth of the heart. This is when you are able to exercise the power that you have and the ability to tap into the truth of your beingness and discover that you have those powers of discernment and you know how to use them.

            I am right here right now, my friends, walking among you and living in your hearts. The Christ energy is living within all of you right now, and it is being interpreted in many different ways. This is according to the prophesies of the ancient word. When you gather together and sing your songs of love and harmony you sing the song that you once sang as you gathered on the shores of Galilee and reveled in the wonders that surrounded you.

            Now you do the same thing; you gather and marvel at the wonders that come your way from your hearts and from your minds. What are these things that come forward with no warning from the depths of you beingness? How could they have come at this time, when there is such a need for the peaceful existence? My friends, they come at this time because you have programmed it so. You decided in some ancient past to bring the technologies forward and present them to your consciousness now. This is what we call karma. This is the working through to the completion of the energies in which you lived those long days past. When you find your self being drawn to certain energies that seem to have no bearing on what you see as the truth, then realize that you are bringing these energies forward to release them and clear your field of them.

This is one of the aspects of the time of the second coming of Christ. This is the time when it will be seen in the clouds of all of your spent karma being released to the heavens to be transformed and returned in the beauty of the divine promise for a whole new way of being. This is your gift to yourselves and it is glorious. So hang tight to your seats and watch the grand spectacle in the sky of your dreams, for there is a message there, and it has been in your safekeeping for all these eons. You are the chosen ones and it is time for your curtain call.

            My friends, I am bringing you this day a call to the present. It is a call to be present in every moment, for it is a time when you could live a period of a thousand years in one moment of this time. It is a time when there is no yesterday or tomorrow, only today and this moment. When you realize that fully, then the events of the moment make sense to you. This is the key of the times my friend, and this is the way to find the journey of the soul in manifestation.

            So go my dear ones, and ride the waves of ecstasy into the depths of tomorrow, for the trip you make today is the propellant. Enjoy the ride and have no expectations from it. Just be fully in the moment, and find the pleasure there. For you write it, and you perform in your majesty.

            I bid you a grand day and a moment full of joy through all of your life. Blessings are here and they are sweet. Salut!


Thank you dear Master Sananda

Nancy Tate