Morning Wakeup Call Message
July 09, 2003

            This is a morning when all the stops are out and the forces are on their way to the other side of the veil, the veil of discovery that is. I am Sananda, and I, together with St. Germaine, am preparing the feast for the masses. As in the days of old, there is another Last supper being prepared, and this one is of a different nature. In this one we have invited all of the Judases and declared them whole. We are planning their time of retribution for their eventual return to a universal society in which they will have opportunity for complete restoration to the light. When this happens there will be jubilation among all in heaven, for their contribution to the cause has far exceeded the expected.

            I tell you this, that there is no greater opportunity for all of you than to see that these ones who have controlled your world for so long have done so in the energy of the darkness in which they lived. Is it no wonder that they have fallen so? Is it no wonder that they are now finding all their ministrations falling and crumbling like the walls of Jericho? We here in the Light have found the glory in their ministrations, and it is reflected in the glow that is emanating from all of you on earth and within the vast cities of the underworld. Yes, even their glow permeates the layers of Mother Earth and shine forth in their strength.

            When all is said and done, there will be many who will not trust what is being presented to them. This is your opportunity, my fellow lightworkers, to shine your light and assist those who flounder to the truth of the gift that is being given. It is your chance to blend the energies of love and compassion for the sake of those who will be confused and angry. Theirs is a need that you have been preparing for these months and years in which you have learned of this gift that is about to unfold before your eyes.

            Oh the wonder of it! Oh the marvelous richness of life that will result from this gift! Do you see what I see? Do you see the vastness of the promise that will unfold and change the very fabric of your world? This is the energy in which the beautiful people can relax and discover the beauty that lies within and the promise for a wonderful life that it holds. No longer will they be stopped at every turn and be told no, there is no room at the Inn. No longer will the millions beat down their back door and demand to rescind all of their power. Now it is an opening of all the doors and the ease with which they may step through and accomplish all that they have forgotten that they desired and intended for their lives.

            Have you forgotten what your dreams were? Now you will remember them. Have you told others that there is no justice? Now you will be telling them that there is justice in the world, and it is yours. Have you fallen by the wayside and not been able to pick yourself up? Now not only will you rise and take your power, but you will find a helping hand. Have you felt downtrodden, only to be kicked while you are down? Now you will be assisted to your dreams and given the roadmap by which you can find your way.

            It is still your choice, my friends. It is still your decision how you will live your lives. There will be education available for you to remember the innate glory that has been squelched for so long. There is no Big brother waiting at the door to tell you where to go and who to see any longer. There is the Father who lives in your heart and soul, and who comes to you with Mother Earth and invites you to rest in your power and have the life that you intend for yourself.

            In these the last breaths of the time of the dark cabal that have kept their place for so long, there is a drum beat that is sounding to usher out the old and welcome in the new. There is no more time for the ministrations of the dark to over-ride the light. If you look very carefully you will see that there never was an over-ride; the light was never off.

            I say to you this morning that when the bells chime for the peace and joy that is your inheritance, there will be singing in the streets and the bells will toll for you and the beauty in which you live. Arise, all of you and sing that song of thanksgiving in praise for the Creator within.

            I leave this transmission now; Iím always in your heart. Salu!


Thank you dear Master Sananda,

Nancy Tate