Morning Wakeup Call Message
July 04, 2003


            My friends and fellow beings; I am coming to you through this one to tell you of a happening on the plane in which I reside. We know that there is no one who is exempt from the process of going through the veil to the other side. There is not one of you who will not declare your independence from the illusory life that you have been creating for so long. This is the time for the practical magic to take over, and for the nuances of the truth to show themselves in the lives you are living.

            There is also a time for the play and for the fun of celebration. So I, Sananda, along with my co-horts here, are wishing you a wonderful day of magic, play, fun and frivolity on this day that in the United States you celebrate and Declare Your Independence in the name of God and all that is Holy. As you gather with your friends and neighbors and shoot off fireworks, or watch the fireworks in the stars, think of us for just a moment and we will send our blessings and laughter your way.

            I leave you now to your celebrations, and join ours for you and your perfection in the journey that you take. Adieu!


Thank you Sananda and All of You Wonderful Ones,

Nancy Tate