Morning Wakeup Call Message
July 01, 2003

            Good morning my dear ones; it is a day for celebration, and a day for rejoicing. You have risen to another day, and the day is one of following through on the dedication to yourselves and the for-knowledge of the times when you gave of yourself to Mother Earth. I am Sananda, and I speak with you of the elements of the earth that give you the very home in which you live, work, and play.

            There is a time when you give of yourselves for the cause of your development, and a time when you realize that the earth is a most important part of that development. When you take from Mother Earth, she reproduces and brings more sustainability to you. She always replenishes that which she gives. Now she is losing that ability to replenish, for she has been fighting a battle with the poisons and the decreasing touch with you that she has been experiencing.

            Whereupon in the past you have rejoiced and celebrated her bounty, now there is very little thought to her sustainability. There is a general forgetfulness that she is a living being as well, and in that she requires that her life energy be honored and treated with respect and loving care, just as her inhabitants do. She loves you all so much that she has allowed you to go to great lengths in that forgetfulness without destroying herself. She has reached a point where she calls upon her reserves for life, and she may not be able to sustain that much longer without the reversal of the current trend.

            This, my friends, is where you come in. Please see that you are holding in your hands the ability to help Gaia turn this around. With the help and the positive nurturing that she has given you, you can assist her to rebuild the beautiful eco-system that she provided for the sustainability of your lives. Now she needs a helping hand from all of you. You can start by seeing this great home she provides as the precious gift it is. You can see it as the home it is, and treat it with the regard you do the structures that you have set upon her surface. Start by changing the way you regard her when you dig into her surface, and when you cut down her trees and spread poisons on her soils. You can start to thank her for the bounty she has provided, and nurture her with your thoughts of love and respect.

            My friends, this is a task that starts with your thoughts; for with your thoughts comes the impetus for actions that reflect the inner light that comes with the knowing of the energy of love and itís expression. When youíve thought of something in a certain way, then your actions begin to express that thought. As you think of Mother Earth as your home and the place in which to express your love, then you begin to take more care as to how you treat her. You ask before taking a tree for your fires, you thank her for providing the essence of her love for you. You give back by planting another tree.

            This brings me to a subject very dear to my heart, and that is the giant Redwoods who stand majestic and grand on the shores of the western-most state of the United States. These trees came to this part of the world from their various other places in their lives on this planet. They have sustained an energy that gives a balance to the eco-system, and provides a record of their life in relation to the rest of life on the planet. There is a great service they provide, and this has not been recognized in the past several decades. These great trees stand for a promise that is given to the people of the world to stand great and tall in their own lives, and ground their energies to Mother Earth and allow those energies their life-giving substance. Yes, my friends, there is a balance they provide with you that keeps your eco-system regular and strong. These giant friends are a part of the life-force that is provided for you. As you destroy these natural resources you commit suicide here on Mother Earth. You use up and destroy the very life-giving energies that Gaia provides. These trees have been here on this planet since time began, and they number very few now. Are you going to see this link to your beginnings disappear, or are you going to give thought to the loving and preservation of these beautiful beings?

            It is not too late; there are any number of things that you can do to assist Mother Earth to the restoration of her beauty and life-sustaining balance. She will recognize and work with you towards the replenishment of the bounty she once had. Look to the aboriginal people for the answers. Look to the early beings who lived in harmony on the planet; and then follow in their footsteps. It will take some revision of your ideas of how to live in harmony with her. Remember, it starts with a thought of love and of change. It starts with a celebration of life and the gifts that are given freely, openly and with compassion. And it is sustained with a genuine thankfulness throughout all of it.

            I leave this transmission now with love and blessings which when shared bring results ten-fold.


Thank you dear Sananda,

Nancy Tate