Morning Wakeup Call Message
July 07, 2003

            Hello, my dear friends! I am coming to you from inside a bubble of foam and fluff. I am the other side of your intent, and I am here to tell you what you do not want. This is a twist on the usual, I know, but this is a time when some of you are not too clear on what it is that you want.

            First I wish to say that this is an exercise in futility for there is no way that you will gain what it is that I outline here. This is a time when all of your dreams are being met, and all of the wonders that you desire are being brought forward for your acceptance. This is the time when your clarity is especially important for you will be manifesting that which you put your mind to.

            With that, I begin. Long time ago there was a nation that decided to be sovereign as to themselves. This nation traveled far across the waters and came to rest on the shores of a new land. The old land had become set in the traditions that no longer served many of those who lived there. There was a grand awakening that was taking place, and the energies of old were stagnant and misleading to those who sought a freer life.

            So they put to shore and proceeded to build a better life for themselves. They worked hard and long, and they created towns and cities in which they set up governing bodies. These governing bodies sprung from the dreams and visions of many who gave of themselves to the cause of liberty and justice. These people found that they were living in the shadows of the anarchists from whom they had fled. This shadow followed them and gave them a run for their money, literally. Through the years these ones gave and gave and tried to make their dreams work. They listened to the shadows and gave in to their temptations that promised security and wealth. They were told that they only had to give over their securities to them and that they would be taken care of and a life of prosperity would be the gift that would come from this giving over.

            When after a number of years the societal energies built to represent the promises that came as empty shells, the people were too indoctrinated in their false beliefs that they could not see the fields for the pastures. They knew that they felt an uneasiness, but that was supplanted by more promises of grandiose gifts and wonderful laws that would protect them, at a cost of only a few more dollars.

            This went on or some time, and then one day the society decided that they were going to do something for themselves, and that was to bring back their sovereignty and deliver the goods of commerce to their doors and to their bank accounts. This caused great consternation among those shadows and the ball remained in the other court, for their hold was so tight and well established. This was the beginning of the end for the ones who lived in the shadows. This was the beginning of the extension of the light to the people of the nation who had tired of being forced deeper and deeper into the pit of remorse and degradation. They realized that they no longer felt powerful, and they knew somehow that they had given that away, along with the thought that they needed someone to protect them from the shadows.

            This was a grand time in the history of the people, for they realized that they had given away almost all of their power to the shadows, and that they were awash in the sewage that the shadows perpetrated with every passing day. The people decided that they could no longer stand to survive through this life, and that they had to do something that would bring them out of the sewage and into the cleansing pools of the sun-washed lakes of life. So they formed a group, and they came to a declaration of independence from these shadows. This sounded somewhat familiar to them, and a far off echo spoke to them of another declaration that they had made years ago. They listened to that echo, and they drew nearer to it. Then they sparked a remembrance that opened up a new understanding of how they had gotten into this situation.

            They hung their heads; and then they yelled in indignation. Then they hung their heads again, and cried tears of desperation. They sorted through the reasons that they had reached this condition, and they discovered that they were the ones who had created this situation. Then they hung their heads again, and tried to hide in the trenches of their sorrow.

            This only served to sink them deeper into the muck and the mire; so they stretched out a grasping hand, imploring God to save them. Their cries were heard, and met with a hand so strong and so full of promise that they did not recognize it at first, so long had it been since they had known that hand. This hand was one that took them to their own sovereignty. This had led them to the self power that they had given away. This hand soothed the furrowed brow, and shook the cobwebs out of the brains and snapped the fingers to get their attention. Then the hand pointed to a hill where Moses stood with a bunch of tablets in his hand. And the tablets fell to the ground as Moses lifted his arms and bellowed. You have come home to the land where you deposited your goods and your power. Now it is time to live the words on these tablets and come down from the hill and live your lives in the freedom with which you were born. This is no time to keep yourselves hidden in the shame and remorse that you feel over your folly. You have learned a valuable lesson, now go out and be the graduates that you are, for there is no longer any reason to carry on this farce that you call a life. Now is the time to stand in the power that you are and be the very prophets that you worship. This is the time for your destiny to unfold and for you to pick up the pen and inscribe your life on the tablets. Here are the words that enlighten and they are all of your names. Yes, that is all you need know in order to find your way back to your self. Read these names and follow the message that they impart. I tell you this; that there is nothing like the vibration of your self to square you with the power of God that lives within.

            So take your life back into your hands and rise up out of the sewage and clean it up after yourself. This is your world and you are present in your domain. You are the lightbearers; and there is no shadow that can survive in your light, for the light that shines over all makes no shadows.

            With those words, Moses came down from the mount and he walked with the people and he lead them out of bondage for there was a light that glowed over all of creation. And you, my friends are walking in that glow, out of the shadows that you do not intend for your lives.

            We salute you and honor your journey. Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth!


Thank you, those of you on the other side of our intent,

Nancy Tate