Morning Wakeup Call Message
July 15, 2003



            This is a day when you will want to open the doors and let all the old stuff out. Today you will find is a good day for housecleaning of all the old baggage that you have been ridding your beingness of over the past months. So get out your brooms and open the windows too, for along will come the breeze of cleansing, and fresh air will be filling your spaces.

            Hello my friends, I am Lotar, and I come to you from my place in the heavens that sees many ships backed up and cheering you on. You have been doing much work, and the ending of all the chaos is soon to be here. When we watch you from our vantage, we see the struggle you go through there on earth. We realize that you are entering a time in your evolvement when you will be experiencing lighter bodies and clearer minds. This is the place in your lives when the transitory energies are reaches into the depths and pulling out all that stuff that has accumulated over the millennia.

            What is it that you are harboring? Why do you labor so over the changes that come about these days? It is because they are so deeply rooted; they are, in your estimation, who you are, and what you are about. This is a changing paradigm, my dear ones. This is a time of the seduction of your dreams that steal up on you in the night and even in the days. These dreams are coming forward for the purpose of showing you the stuff that is being uprooted and flushed away in a wash of celestial light.

            Donít you feel lighter after one of the troubling events in your personal life? Arenít you finding that the emotions that come flooding in unexpectedly are leaving you confused and perhaps irritated because you know that they are from out in left field somewhere? That my dears is because they are old patterned emotions that let you see them as they slip on by out into the cosmos to be transmuted to beautiful particles of light.

            So you see my friends, this is a time when you may feel some old feelings come forth and they may send you reeling. You may experience some of what you thought you had well in hand, but find has come creeping back to haunt you. Just know that this is the opportunity for you to see the old way in which you have been traveling this journey. This is the gift your give yourself to realize where your old energies took you, and where they are not taking you again. This is your chance to pat yourself on the ego and say, ďThatís alright old friend; youíve done your job well. Time to let go and let God do the walking right alongside where we are.Ē

            I took a journey with you once myself. I walked the sands that you walked in days of the holy wars. That was a time when there was no reason to think that there was anything to do other than fight for the homeland. That was the accepted and expected way to resolve issues of land and religion and culture. So I understand the feelings many of you have on those lines. I also went through the transformative energies when I released from this one and created this aspect of her. I gave over my feelings of resolution by conflict and settled into the energies of compassion and love. I stand by now while she enters into this phase of her evolution, for this is by choice of our whole. We experience our oneness while in the dreamtime and our work includes all of you. We meet with you also in your various factors; as ours is aspected, so too is some of yours.

            This enables you all to give the journey the most benefit for evolvement you can. You choose the paths and the methods that serve you, and the results on your conscious plane are proving to be astounding. You are all making a grand play for your establishment of a new paradigm, and a new world in which to carry it out. You further your cause by experiencing the old emotions once more, and allowing the truth to come forth from that old viewing. By not allowing yourselves to fall into that old energy you release yourself from it. Then you walk forward in a new strength and a new promise for your future.

            I leave you now and share with you the wonder that we are experiencing from you. We thank you for your journey, for it affects us all. As we entertain our brothers and sisters here in our heavens we salute you and shower blessings upon your world.


Thank you my dear brother Lotar,

Nancy Tate