Morning Wakeup Call Message
July 03, 2003

            One day long, long ago, there was a band of peoples who came to the earth in search of gold. This was the primary purpose for their mission, although there was another reason for them coming and settling on the planet. This is the story we tell you now. Good morning my dear ones, we are of the Galactic Federation, and we are here to explain a part of your ancient past.

            This group of marauding individuals came to earth and explored the region on which they landed for the much needed gold that they required for the mending of their atmosphere. They had another reason for being here, and that was to inhabit the land, and establish a connection between themselves and the inhabitants who already walked the earth. This was for the purpose of creating a race of people who would supply the necessary ingredient to the plan that had been constructed by the hierarchy of the Heavens. This plan was the furtherance of the experience that The Creator had set down for the development and the evolvement of the children of the Creator.

            When this came to be, there was much jubilation in the hearts of those who accomplished their part of the deed. This was indeed an accomplishment that would prove to be a lasting component of the plan.

            When this phase of the plan came about there was still another part to be served. This was the creation of a ruling class of people. With this ruling class we find the elements of those original ones who came for this purpose. They set themselves up as the governing forces of the planet, and set emissaries to the various parts of the globe. Over the ensuing years these rulers established dynasties for the purpose of establishing societies in which their ideas and laws could be implemented. This reflected the various customs and ideas that they had brought with them from their home planets.

            When the societies were set in place, there was a great deal of infighting among the citizens, for this was orchestrated by the rulers in order to gain their supremacy over the citizens. They had lived in a society previously where this had been the element of control and they knew the variances of degree by which this could take place Their strategy was to completely rule the earth and therefore have dominion over the part of the cosmos in which earth resided.

            Their plan was not limited to the earth, you see; it was to extend itself into the solar system and eventually into the galaxy. Theirs was a plan that superceded what they saw from the Creator, and what they knew to be the overall plan of those who came to the planet in the furtherance of this plan.

            At the time of the settling of the northern hemisphere, there were some original people who had migrated from the lost continents and who had already been there before the migration. These people were living amicably with each other, and their numbers were of a proportion that was harmonious to the ecosystem. Upon the arrival of the ones from the other side of the globe, there was established a government that had within its content a secret plan to coerce these native people to their eventual submission to the others’ ways. This was the turnaround of the peace and harmony in which these natives lived. It was a gradual turnaround, and the change was subtle in waves. There were some uprisings, and then there was peace in which the ones gained the trust of the natives.

            The new settlers set down roots establishing villages and procreating to form families. This too was part of the plan. This too was a subversive act by which they always ran this underlying thread of coercion and control. They knew the elements that lead to the success of their mission, and they had the ability to create anything they desired for their purposes.

            The nation grew, and soon there were cities growing out of and around the villages. A government was strengthened and the individual towns and cities created governing bodies of their own. All the time, these governing bodies contained people of pure descent who carried the original purpose in harmony with the others in other parts of the globe whose purpose was the same as this one in the new land. This same basic purpose remained strong and intact through many millennia all over the globe.

            Today, that same element is in place and carrying on the original purpose. There is a difference now from any of the times before. The natives are now more restless than ever, and the people who have been created from the original ones have begun to see the real story. They have begun to realize that there has been a great subversion of their will and their souls by the ones who have kept their purpose and bloodline pure. They are beginning to remember their own bloodlines and their own will. They are beginning also to remember their inner selves, and in that they are gaining in their strength.

            This has the ones who rule them running scared. They now are feeling the restraints of the energy of love and freedom as those very energies are growing in strength. They are seeing that their plan may be in jeopardy, though they dare not give that life in the admitting of it. They are seeing that their strategies are not as effective as before. They see that they are losing ground, though their egos will not allow the realization to take hold. This is where their downfall lies. As all the natives and sons of God take dominion over their own souls once again, and lead each other into the promise of the freedom and peace where their power lies, the ones who have subversive intentions are losing the hold they once had.

            This brings us my friends to the present moment. This present moment contains all of what we have just told you, and more. It contains all that you are; and when you realize the enormity of it, you realize that the recounting we have just shared with you is but a mere part of the total picture. With that is mind, do you now see the strength you have. You have managed to elevate yourselves in the original strength that you are, and see that the only hold they have had on you is that which you allowed them to have. Now do you feel differently about the subversion? Now do you feel the powerlessness of the ones who have borrowed on your power for these millennia?

            You have the ability to grow in the innate power you have within yourselves, for it has always been there serving you in the purpose for which you entered into this last stretch of earth time and played your part in the plan. Now is the time for the next phase; now is the time for the ones of pure bloodline to remember that they did an exemplary job, and now it is time to complete the plan as handed down lo those many millennia ago.

            They are not the creators of this plan, even though in their part of it they evolved to a greediness that represented itself as a self-perpetuation. This is the nature of the dark side of the light. The further you get from the purity of the light into the dark on the spectrum of light, the further you get from the purity of the love, and the truth of the oneness. This is represented in what your lives look like today on planet earth. This is the scenario that you have created for the experience and expression of the Creator. Now it is time to remember that they too are part of the light, and have merely lost their way in the dark. Reach out a hand to them and allow them to find their way back to the light. In so doing you have given them your light, which is theirs, and at the same time have honored their choice to refuse. Either way, you are honoring your truth and your ability to exercise your Creator self. Live it, be it!

            We leave you now in this communication, and stay by your side in the All, giving blessings and love.


Thank you dear Galactic Federation,

Nancy Tate