Morning Wakeup Call Message
July 14, 2003

          When you wake up in the morning,

And you get out of your bed,

And hear the whistle blowing, 

And it twinkles through your head.

         Then you know that you are hearing

The sweetest sound you ever heard,

 For the songs of birds a singing,

Echo softly through your head.

And the sweetness sings its pleasure

And the touch is oh so mild

That the tears that come a calling

Find their place with every kind

Of treasure in the morning

And bounty every night

For there is no greater pleasure

Than the thoughts that then take flight,

For these are the call of sorrow,

And they are the call of fright,

That lift and sing their farewell

To the sun’s sweet end of night.


            Hello, my friends. There’s nothing like a song to clear the cobwebs from your mind. There’s nothing like a sweet refrain to bring you to a realization that the world is indeed a wonderful place to be. When you watch the clouds go rolling by and the birds darting in and out of their hiding places, you begin to soften somewhat to the vagaries of the day. When you pause and watch the blueberries ripen on the bush; and you smell the sweet, pungent fragrance of the herbs as they prepare themselves for service to you all, you know that this heaven on earth is the beauty in expression that lives within Mother Nature. Do you know also that it is the beauty that lives within each of you? When you can’t find the beauty in yourself, then look at the beauty that Mother Nature has been keeping in reserve for you. She holds it in her tender touch and springs it forth for you to re-capture. She blows it as a breeze to cool your furrowed brow. She whispers it in the gentle stirrings of the leaves on the majestic trees that line the forests and the backyards of your reaches. She sings it in the gurgle of the stream as it winds its way among the rocks and crevasses of the path it takes.

            Have you ever known a grasshopper, and conversed with it? Have you said, “Good morning,” to the dew as it glistens on the vine? Did you listen while it told you of its life in such short terms? There is much wisdom to be gained from knowing this Mother Earth. There is much bounty for the soul amidst the gifts she gives so grandly. Have you thanked her lately for her service?

            I bring this all to you this day for the sole (soul) purpose of reminding you where your power lies. It is in the relationship you have with your Creator. Mother Earth is also your Creator, for she is the guardian of this wonderful manifestation of her love for you. This is all for you, my friends. This is your legacy for her many experiences on this body she has manifested from her energies of intent. This is her relationship with you, and she loves this gift as much as she loves you, for she sees no difference. She sees that you and this earth are all one. She sees that there is sweetness in the unity. She cries when you cry; she laughs when you laugh. She feels it when there is an injury to your body, just as she feels it when there is a wound in hers. She experiences pain when your stomach is upset, just as she experiences the pains of rebirth when part of her body is in upheaval. She smells the acrid odor of burning flesh when one of you gets too near a fire, just as she feels the singeing of the forestation that comes with a spark that levels acres of her woodland. She mourns the homes that sometimes get in the path of the flames, for she feels their welcome too.

            My friends, I AM the enlightenment of your collectiveness. I AM the realization that you set aside for the safekeeping of your planet. I AM the wonder that you feel when you stop and allow yourselves to marvel at this beauty. I AM at your service when you decide to pick me up once more and hold me to your bosom. I AM you, and I am the part of you that cares so deeply you had to put me aside for the duration of the journey; for to have kept me with you would have rendered the journey impossible. I AM speaking with you now for you have begun to remember me. I AM weeping now, for the remembrance is so sweet. I AM welcoming you home to my love and compassion, and I AM singing your welcome to the heavens.

            And so it is that I AM singing with all of you!


Than you dear Enlightened Collectiveness,

Nancy Tate