Morning Wakeup Call Message
July 28, 2003

            My children of the light, I am coming to you from the deepness of space, and I am going to address the viability of the coming events as they relate to the circumstances of the fulfillment of the destiny of the planet and itís inhabitants. I am the representative of the Order of sacred trusts; and I am here to inform you that there has been a directive from heaven to forthwith and therefore now bring about the end of the tyranny and the mismanagement of the energies of change on your planet and bring forth the dynamics of freedom and justice for all the people of your world to experience.

            This is the culmination of all of the properties of the Age of the Golden Light. This is to be a revolutionary substance of matter and there will be no more misuse of the power of the Divine that is given to all of the Creatorís children as has been allowed for the past numbers of years.

            There will be a coming time when these who have forgotten their original light properties will be able to remember their source and their divinity and come home to the light for the rest of eternity. Theirs has been a sojourn of light that has been responsible for the buildup of such a degree of duality, and now is the time for the neutrality of this energy.

            When the time is in balance for the coming forward of this event that has been implemented for the purpose of rounding the corer into the new blessings, there will be a noticeable shift in the energies that are experienced on the planet. This too will resound throughout the universe and be experienced through all of existence. This is a time of grand expectations in manifestation, and there is to be a degree of freedom that comes from the light release that will take place within the sun that gives you life energy, and the moon which balances the karma of your planet.

            When this happens there will be an emergence into the new age of destiny for your planet and your solar system and this will have effect on the times that will be experienced on your planet. To this day, there has been a great deal of expression in the form of the duality. Now you are seeing the completion of that cycle, and the emergence of the next, which is the unified field in expression of the Divine Light.

            My dear ones, there is no need for the development of a triad of energy to forsake the coming times of shadows, for those shadows are but the expression of the emptiness of the releasing energies of the old system. There is no substance and no potential within those shadows, merely a void that is filling with potential for the divinity that is the all. This is the nature of divinity to return to itself in its completeness. Therefore, you need not think that you must do ceremony in order to establish a divine and self-perpetuating connection with your divinity. This is the law of the energy of the divine, and all you need do is accept and feel gratitude for this, which is your divine, innate nature. This is not to say that you do not do ceremony, for this can create a wonderful feeling within your hearts.

            You are coming home to your Creator, and you will be able to remain in the world that you have created. This will be the beginning of the creation of your world as the master Diaclosities has portrayed to you. He is holding in guardianship the dreams and intents that you have manifested in your thoughts that resonate with the highest degree of matter that is possible on your earth. This is the potential that you have created, through your reality at this time. From this point there will be potential to surpass the highest intent that you will birth in the coming golden age.

            I now take my leave, and announce the beginning of the Golden Age is upon you. With the manifestation of the instrument of freedom and justice that has been established in your intent, there is great promise for the manifestation of that very energy within each and every heart on your planet. I tell you that there is no need for a majority of all on your planet, but a representation of the original numerology that creates divinity and brings forward the intent of the divine number.

            Blessings are in the air, and you are the recipients of those blessings.


Thank you, Divine One of the Order of Sacred Trusts,

Nancy Tate