Morning Wakeup Call Message
July 18, 2003


            Good morning one and all! You are about to go on a journey that will take you into the starry sky and back again. And when you are back, things will very likely look different to you. Hello, I am Baldor, and I am your commander on this journey into the heavens.

            Buckle up and stand clear while the Milky Way galaxy spreads before you like a festooned ribbon of stardust and roses of silver. This is the start of your trip, and it is the unfolding of a myriad of challenges to your understanding of the universe, as you have known it. Now you are seeing the dimensions of the galaxy as it opens and shows itself to you. This is where you live; this is your neighborhood. Itís sheen and itís depth gives you a feeling of ecstasy as you ride the waves of its undulation. See the sparks of light as you glide along her runways of silver satin and golden weavings. Feel the smooth flow of the trolley as it takes you in and out of the nuances of sound that come from the scrapings of light against light and being against being.

            Now you are riding the waves of a new solar system. This is one that welcomes you in to its neighborhood. The tea is spread, and the crumpets are laid out in frosted splendor. Notice the trumpets of gold spewing forth their tantalizing tones of merriment. These vortexes are awaiting your bidding to enter. Come along into the delight that awaits at the apex of the funnel. Trip into the vastness of the release of the confinement where the sun meets the sky, and the contrast takes your breath away.

            Ahead you see a ribbon of light. It contains all of the colors you have ever known, and a few more. This ribbon is shimmering in its own shadow, which is something youíve always wanted to see. You knew it could happen, and you knew someday you would experience it. As you enter into the shadows of the rainbow, you know that there is no shadow; it is merely the recesses of the light and the dark to enhance the flavor of the experience. You languish among the shadows and feel their tender touch. You discover they are the whispers of the echoes that slip through the veils that you held in place back there on earth. You look back, and you see the mistiness, and you see the draping shadows as they beckon to you to return. You know you are slipping away from that dream, and you know that it is only a matter of time and space that separates you from the realities you live.

            With this realization you see a different earth appear. You see an earth without shadows. And you realize that the shadows are merely reminiscences of the lives in the light. You know you are heading for that world and you know that this is the ascension that has been promised. You see a host of heavenly angels as they melt into your view. They are cascading down through the folds of time as they create their own special hue. This hue is surrounded by several ones else who come and sit by your side. They plait up your hair and whisper a prayer that says to your senses, thank you. They sit in your presence and tell you their songs of wonder and love and delight. Then they drift away slowly and melt out of sight, but not out of knowing within.

            The next stage of the journey takes you into your own universe. This is the part of the trip that brings you round front and center to your own piece of the puzzle. This is the part that is the one you have been working towards, and this is the one that will bring you full circle back to the place where you started. This is the one where you see who you are and the reflection of all that youíve been. When you look into this mirror it is the reflection of millions of lives and experiences. It is as a giant jigsaw puzzle, and you have the finished vision in your head. You labor and pour over the pieces and finally you throw them all up in the air. You watch them drift down in a lazy floating manner till they all rest in their proper places. Is it magic? Is it all in order? It seems so! How did that happen, just when you gave up and threw caution to the wind! Then it all came together just right.

            That is the final leg of this journey, my friends, for youíve come to the place you know best. This is the place where the truth is the answer and all the rest is just fluff and nonsense. You know now the trip was a fine looking trip, and the ride was the one of your life. You took detours and found that they werenít detours at all, but alleyways full of delight and interesting involvements. This has been the richness of your time and the balance of the places of your life.

            Now you are back, and the journey is over. Or has it just started again? The wheel takes you where you want to go, and the bus is always boarding. So take your seat and fasten your belts and hang on for the ride of your life!


Thank you my dear brother Baldor,

Nancy Tate