Morning Wakeup Call Message
July 10, 2003


            Good morning my friends, I am Baldor and I wish to come today with a message for all of you concerning a time of your history known as the revolutionary war. This war was fought in the United States and began with the shot that was heard round the world. Did you ever realize the seriousness of that phrase, and what it means today? There is a saying that we have here on Orloff, and that is that those who dig their grave had better lie in it for it is dug to their size. How that applies to the shot heard round the world is that there is no one who is more ready to fight for their own justice than those who drew up the declaration themselves.

            When you all began that declaration of your sovereignty, you gave of yourselves one hundred percent. You didn’t mince words or deeds in your stance; you gave your lives for it. There was a knowing you had then that there would come a day that you would live that freedom. Did you realize that you were that aware at that time? You were, my friends, and you lived that awareness. Oh, it wasn’t total awareness of who you are, as you are coming to. It was a feeling and a knowingness that even you could not understand; just one of the mysteries of life.

            Now, you are coming once again to that knowingness as a feeling. Tune in to the feelings you have and the motivations that propel you through your days. Are you working through your life as in the days gone by? Are you aware of the inner guidance that is gathering all your reserves and bringing them to the surface to play out as the natural order of guidance? This is what is happening. From my vantage in the heavens I am seeing this in your auras. I am seeing the differences in the field of opportunity that you are presenting to yourselves. And I see too the fact of the challenge that you bring yourselves surrounding these opportunities.

            I am so pleased to see the progress you all make in this re-awakening. It is as a re-run, in a way, of the times we on Orloff had when we spun off from our mother universe and landed here in this position of the periphery of your universe. We too had many challenges, and they were in co-operation and co-creation with the Creator. Did you know that our Creator and yours are the same? Yes, we are family. As we went through the process of building our independence from our mother universe it was a sink or swim proposition. We had no choice if we were to come into our fullness and live our lives as we were destined. Yes, even the separation from our home was destined due to the push and pull of the energy of the universe. This is not destined in your universe for many, many million light years, for yours is a relatively young one. And this too may change.

            “This too may change?” you are asking. “I thought that there was a natural law of the universal order.” This is correct, my friends, there is a natural law, and that is that the Creator has deemed that all life springs from Him, and all interpretation of that life is according to the universal choice and the law of balance. So you see, my friends, there is opportunity for your actions within the spectrum of the energies of the universe to change the expression of the natural order of things. You see, the expression always perpetuates itself in that it is always operating from its memory. Does this sound familiar? The difference in what you have created on your world, and the order of circumstances in the universe, is that your memory is based in illusion, and the rest of the universe is based in law=base twelve.

            So here we are, back to the beginning. I watched and marveled at the beginning of your new world on the shores of what was to become the strongest nation in your world. These early declarations hold today, in the words you put down on paper. These papers are stored for antiquity and are being brought forward to the public memory and scrutiny once more. Very soon, people of your country and your world will be reminded of the principles by which your country was founded. Then they will have opportunity to see how close to those principles life in your country is today. Some will be shocked, some will be dismayed; some will hide in denial. All will be changed; and all will find that their world will be thrust into a new paradigm that will forever change the law of the universe in expression.

            So my friends, as you are going through these next times of new beginnings, and you find that once again the shot will be heard round the world, you will perhaps remember these words, and use the principles they represent in deciding the outcome of the declarations that are to be presented by those who love you and have your best interests at heart. Listen to the shot as it reverberates and sings against the strings of your heart, and be joyful. I bid you a loving farewell for the moment, though I am never apart from you.


Thank you dear Brother Baldor,

Nancy Tate