Morning Wakeup Call Message
July 02, 2003



            Good morning my friends, I, Baldor, am coming to you from my planet Orloff, and I wish to bring to you a tale of light and joyfulness that may assist you on your journey. This is a tale that speaks of long ago times on Orloff and the days when we were under the rule and influence of our mother universe. This is a tale that I did not live, but that I have found to be of immense interest and relativity to the times that are prevalent on your earth.

            There once was a person who lived in the inner city of Orloff that was the constituent to your own nation’s capital. This city was called Adverbum, and it served the nation in a way that was both righteous and domineering. This was a place in which the total population was under an iron thumb, and the forces of the dark were prevalent. This was very much run like the district that now houses your buildings of government and the home of the highest position in the nation. When the city came into being it was very much like the original dream of your inception. There was a great deal of Spirit written into the documents by which the principality was formed. This was an idea that swept the universe and joined with energies that were similar in nature. So you see, the idea of freedom and justice among people is not a new idea. It is one that enjoys a revelation in waves throughout existence.

            This person who lived in our capital was a proud man who owned many horses (our equivalent) and served many masters. He used the horses in a way that gave him the upper hand in the care and breeding of the strain of the animals, and this afforded him the luxury of gaining many different varieties, thus being able to use them as breeding stock. He was a very wealthy man, and owned most of the city area where his place of residence was. He also owned a large section outside the city where his horse farm was.

            One day he received a visitor at his home, and the visitor was of a descent that was unfamiliar to him. He had never seen, nor heard of this particular variety of being before. There was something about this man that disturbed him, for the man purposely sat in the middle of the room and prayed for the souls of the horses. What was this man doing here; why did he invade his home and then pray for the animals that he owned?

            Upon being asked, the man replied, “I am the ambassador from the kingdom of nod, and I am here to assure my people that these beautiful creatures are assured their place in our kingdom when they are ready to return. For you see, their owner is under the influence of a tyrannical energy and this pervades the very beingness of the horses. They are a precious part of the order of the grand, and they cannot wend for themselves. This is my task and my honor to act as their liaison.”

            The owner immediately desired to throw the man out of his home and away from his city. There is no man who can tell him that he mistreats his animals, after all they are his reward for bringing his wealth to the city. Instead of throwing him out, though, he asked this question, “Why is it you have come to my home and not gone to the farm in the country to pray among the horses?”

            “Because my dear man, you are the source of their peril. They are but innocent prisoners, and you have erected the bars behind which they hide their sovereignty. There is only just so much that they can do while in your custody. However, unleashed and allowed to run free and secure, they will give you riches beyond compare. You think you are rich now on their behest! Consider what it could mean if you were to let them loose to their own devices. There would be a trust that they would honor, and they would gladly reckon with you in partnership. For, my dear man, these creatures are of royal descent, and they have an intelligence that supercedes yours and all of your kind. These beautiful animals recognize the power in quiet energy, and they know how to live that power and allow it to reach out and benefit all who come into their field.”

            The ward of the horses stood perplexed. These words were doing something to him. He felt the stirrings of an old memory. This memory was a faint one, yet it grew stronger, till he felt the mantle of the horse kingdom around him. He felt the muscles and the sinew of the body of the horse surrounding and being him. Then he realized he had been a horse, more than once, and he was now living the role of the caretaker of the horse. This was his opportunity to become the very essence of the feelings of the horse, and right the wrong that he had brought to these magnificent animals. This was a very moving feeling, for he knew it was changing him in the moments he stood in the bodyness of the very creatures he now owned.

            What am I to do, he wondered as the feeling grew more intense and he feared he would lose himself forever. Where is this feeling taking me? He felt the mane and tail of the beautiful animal, and he felt the long silky snout that hosted a perfect star. He knew that he would soon gallop off in search of a grassy field, if he did not do something. So he reached out his hand, and begged the man in prayer to hold onto him and pray for him to return to himself.

            “That is what I have been doing, my friend, for you are remembering what it is to be that which you now so mistreat. You are the essence of those creatures, and you still do not realize the injustice that you bring them.”

            “But I am wanting to be who I am as the horse’s owner. I want to be able to undo the injustice, and serve them as they deserve. I realize the folly of my ways, and now I have a different outlook on them. I remember how it was to be a horse, grand and free, and running in the wind. I will allow them their freedom, and ask for their forgiveness. Just pray for me so that I never have to be two things at the same time. I do not like to be the dark and the light, the oppressed and the oppressor at the same time. This is too much for me to bear.”

            The man bent and laid his hand on the owner’s head. He could feel a slight growth of the mane that grew from this man’s memory. He whispered two words into the mans ear, “In love.” And then he disappeared.

            The owner stood and looked at his hands and then his body. He could no longer feel the effects of the return to his former selves. For that he was thankful. Then he thought of the promise he had made to the stranger. I must go now and adjust the conditions at my farm. There is not enough land for the horses to run, and so I must arrange to enlarge the area in which I keep them.

He hurried toward the door, and a huge jolt stopped him in his tracks. Why must it always be just a little bigger? Why not just give them the freedom that they must have to keep their spirit free? This old memory was relentless; the old feelings of being a horse came back with a fury. He ran out the door and into the street. He ran through the streets and alleys of the city till he was outside and on the road to the farm. He never stopped till he got to the stables. There he threw open the doors and set them all free. The horses ran and kicked and blew their delight. They carried on till they were exhausted, and still they carried on some more.

The owner felt their delight. He knew the feeling to fly high in the frenzy of freedom. He rejoiced in the deed he had done, and the freedom it gave him as well. This was the joy, unbounded that had eluded him for so long, for he had brought to these horses the very thing that he brought to himself. He knew now, that he had been a horse those times before, so that he would have known freedom in it’s purest, and bring that to the man that he now was. It had taken the stranger’s prayers for him to recall the feeling he never intended to forget. This was his new day of freedom, and never again would he allow the oppression to be a part of his life. He would take this new rediscovered feeling and shine it forth in every aspect of his life. He would allow it to reach out and touch any who cared to respond. He know that he could make a difference in his life and many others just by being the freedom that he had allowed to slip away and imprison the very thing he had been.

Yes, my friends, this was the way it happened. This man went on to become a very important man in the city and the country that he grew to love. He was honored and respected from that day on. And his influence changed from one of the tyrannical ones to one who brought a state of honor and joy to the workings of the country. And he did it all In Love.


Thank you dear Brother Baldor,

Nancy Tate