January 06, 2015               Click here for Printable


Wake up Call: St. Germain, January 06, 2015


I am here today to tell you of a change in government; I speak of government of the people and for the people. It is coming in the next few months and as it unfolds it will bring about not only a change in government but, a change as well in the whole of society on the planet. When I speak of the governmental change it is not only here in the United States, but all around the world. There are some governmental bodies that are in need of slight changes, and then some that will undergo massive reconstruction. As this is continuing behind the scenes as I speak we are seeing many changes in the way that it will all unfold around the globe.


I am St. Germain, and I bring this information to you because it will help to explain and verify the monetary changes that are at the threshold of the world economy. As this comes into being it will reverberate throughout all of the life on earth. Yes, all of life will be more in harmony and in protection than it has been since the days of the cave dwellers. Yes, I hear your chuckles as I say that, and it is good to keep our sense of humor alive and well through all of this for there will be parts of this whole changing of the earth system that could bring on doubts and wonder as to the validity of what is being presented.


It will take some clear thoughts and inner knowing to believe some of what comes. We are all in the body of the changes; therefore we all will take part in them. That is the only way it can happen, as you know, and we whom I speak of in that term of we, includes all of us who have been with you in our beingness. We bring to you the expansiveness in which you will return to yourselves, and in that you will find some familiarity that will give you that knowing that what we present to you is a reminder of that which you already know.


I come on this day because it is a time now for all of you to trust your inner knowing and to follow what is coming at your doorstep that will give you the opportunity to find the inner truth that will guide you along the way. It has been quite a journey, has it not? As I speak through this one I feel the familiarity that she is enjoying of my energy and the information that she is conveying to all of you. It is a joy for me and for all who will be speaking through her, and so many others in the coming times. It is also a joy to look forward to the times when we will be walking side by side together in the reunion of our souls and selves on the surface of this planet and within as well.


As I close this message I wish to tell you that yes indeed there is coming a vast network of new realities that will spring forth and enable you to begin the newness of what you will be doing to enable Mother Earth to blossom forth in her beauty and Love for all of you. The harmony in which you will all be as you continue your lives on her body will explode with a beam of light so profound and so intricate of beauty that you will realize the creations that you are capable of, and the abilities that will come forth to create heaven on Earth, as the phrase goes and will be growing even more.


I sit back for a moment now as this one closes the message and welcome you all into the Love energy that I am sending you in this moment of eternity. We are all Family, and I so enjoy the reunion of our hearts as it is now and continues to be, Forever and a Day.



Thank you so much dear St Germain,

Much Love, Nancy Tate