January 10, 2008              





Good day, my dear ones! I Am here to make a gesture of fondness in the direction of all of your hearts. With this gesture I bring a great deal of love and compassion for all of those who are operating in the places of fear that serve them with a vengeance. This is a place where they have chosen to dwell, and though it is but a temporary place it is one that is bound in the falsities of the absence of light, and the complications of the facets of the streams with which they make their lives.


I take a moment now to see them as they struggle with their lives. I see how they allot themselves grandiose ideals of wealth and power and yet they struggle to remain where they are. It is an uphill climb for them, for they know not any other way to be. Some thrive on it, for they see that there is reward for that striving. What they can at all times have access to is the truth of the ease of design, and the ability to accomplish and live that design that bespeaks a simplicity that creates a power that comes from the heart and from the Spirit.


I see many of you who read this message as feeling that you are in a struggle. I see that you know not where to turn for solace, for you may feel that at this juncture of your lives the road is too full of pitfalls and encumbrances. This is your other aspect of lives speaking to you of what has been and what is never to come again once the tides of change release all that has been accumulating over the lifetimes. This is a task that is well spent in acceptance and allowance of what is passing though, and not even asking to be taken upon the present table of feasts. It is what has served you in the past and is giving you homage on its way out for transformation back into the light of truth. It is not you as you are now, but it was what you wore for all those experiences that brought you to this place.


What do you see with all these shadows of yesteryear? Do any other of them feel all too familiar and inviting? Are you seeing relevance to today of any of them? Then take another look, observe with a neutral eye and heart what the influences of these memories are to your life today, with an eye for truth in the moment, rather than with a mind that convolutes all that is before you. Allow your ego to feel what the truth is about this scenario that is beckoning you for more life, and show though your inner knowing how it has a place outside and a date with the destiny that renders it light once more and dedicated to the way it is in the core of its being, which is pure energy of truth.


This is nothing more than truth. There is nothing less than truth. Truth is the only measurement by which you live your lives. You put an interesting array of identities to that truth every time you make a movement, have a thought, interpret a word.  You create your own truth from the very substance of your identity, the one that you have assumed for the moment.


Did you know that you can assume another identity in the next moment? You can change your perception of who you are and what you do with that identity at any moment. You can create exactly who you are and how you present yourself with every turn in your road and bend in the river. In fact you do that with every change of thought and idea, for you are melding into all manner of identities every moment with every breath.


You are the composite of your own world, your own creation. What does that tell you about yourself? Do you now see that you can change anything in your life that you are not resonating with? All you need do is to make a change, create movement in your self. Be that very thing that you want. Do you want more time to do something that you have not had time for? Then be that more time, be that which you want to do. You will find that time is at your disposal; you create the bending of the river, and the parting of the sea. You will have the time, because you create your own idea of time.


Observe yourself next time you are involved with something and not thinking of every move, just doing it. Stop and look at how you do it and how much, or how often you think of the time it takes. What does that tell you? Do you see how you bend time, you stretch or, or condense it? Now tell me that you donít have any power, any mastery over your life!


Isnít this fun?! Do you see how wonderfully you are the master of your life? Oh, you say that you donít like the way you reigned as master over the deplorable way youíve created something in your life? I tell you that it is even easier to create something on the opposite end of the spectrum; you can change that deplorable way you see something to an amazing way of being. Yes, you actually turned that around just by knowing that you could, and it only took a fraction of the time to create it.


That is your mastery dear ones. You have the freedom to create as you please. No one else can create for you; it is your doing, all of it. You designed and created all that you have in your life. Your mastery is unsurpassed in its creation ability. Knowing this, now what are you going to step forth and do in your life? What ever it is, you may as well be delighted, for that will fill you with a vibration that will draw more of the same to you, and there you go off on another party of fun and relaxation, anything that you want!


By now you are probably wondering, which of Nancyís wonderful guides is speaking. I will tell you this, we are all here this day, for this is a party we are having. We are welcoming to the fold another of the guides/family that has recently come to visit. We are welcoming MUshaba to our midst, and we are loving you all in this celebration. MUshaba is ushering in the energy of the MUshaba Force to these messages, and he tells you that it has been here all along. It has recently taken form and has given unto all of you a recognition of that which has been with you since time began and before.


We are all here to remind you of our connection with MUshaba and how it all began here on earth. We gather in the ashes of the planet Maldek, and we give homage to the gifts of expression that followed all the dear souls who were so suddenly thrust throughout the universe seeking an answer to their idea of insanity. Now you are home on this planet, and you have surpassed the point at which there was thought to be no return to your planet.


This is the one now that has been readied for you and given to you for your sojourn through the destiny that was ordained by the Creator Source of all. You are the greatest gift of The Creator, the gift to yourself formed in the image of truth and served in the ideal of love, free to move in the empowerment that you bring back to yourselves.


You are powerful and you are love. We salute you for what you have accomplished and for what is ahead for you. We are with you all of the way.


MUshaba Greetings to you all!


Thank you dear MUshaba and Family,

Love, Nancy Tate