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 Dr Martin Luther King


Hello all my fellow patriots, I am Dr Martin Luther King, and I have come on this day to tell you something about what happened when I was slain. I was the target of assassins’ bullets, and one of them found its mark. It was the one that was heard around the world and it was the one that was destined to change forever the history of the black race.


With this mark I became a legend, and I was destined to be the one who found the path to the freedom of the black race and the empowerment of the people of the world. It is being carried on as I speak. Listen and it shall come to you, for its message knows no boundaries.


Do not mourn for me in the years to come for I am here amoung you today and I carry a message of freedom for everyone. I am personaged in the body of a young person who is living in Egypt. I am twelve years old and I carry within my body a final personage of the King of Egypt who gave his life for the promise that he brought to humanity. I have come again to carry forth my message of personal sovereignty and freedom. I am here to say to you that there is nothing more that I can do except to be what I have come back for, to send to the people of the world the truth of their origins.


I will be heard and seen in the years to come, and in these years there will be a gradual awakening of the peoples of the world to the real message of truth that is being brought to the world as I speak. There will come a new promise and a new message from those who have carried the cross of silence for so long. I will represent the freedom of the people of the world and I will speak of it as it is broadcast to the world.


There is nothing in this world that captures the soul any more than the truth. Believe in what you know to be the truth and it will translate to that which you know to be the truth by which you live. Carry the beacon of truth throughout the world and you will know the truth that is singing throughout the heavens and throughout all of existence.


As these days of tyranny amoung the powers of the world gain in momentum and carry the message of untruth to the world those who recognize the truth that is between the lines will carry it forth and supply the components of the truth to the rest of the world. You will recognize that truth as it rings through the halls of love and through the tenets of posterity.


I love and cherish each of you and I find the truths within each and every one of you, for you carry it for all of humanity to reconcile to. This is the final hour, and as you come to the doorstep of destiny you will see that of which I speak, for you are the chosen ones for which I carry the torch of truth.


You are my dream come true and I know in my heart of hearts that you will bring the torch of truth to all those who search for the everlasting love of eternal joy. The might of truth shall triumph and we shall all walk together into the light and the love of almighty freedom and the sanctity of the empowerment that we are. See this now and live forever free.

Thank you dear Dr. Martin Luther King,

Love, Nancy Tate