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My dear ones, we have come to a time in our evolvement when there is a great arising to do in order to keep up with yourselves. This is in the process of taking place even as I write this through myself. I am Avenda, and with these words I tell you of what this month will bring in the way of ideals that you will be living and allowing to let go.


As I do this I will spell out to you what it is that is taking place. There are closets all around the globe that are chock full with items that have been stored away in people’s lives and minds, and they are being cleared out. Last year it was the basements that were cleared and many of you found what had been stored to be quite challenging to say the least. You did get through it, and now you are at the ground floor and moving up to the other stories.


This is a process that begins now and continues at your own rate of speed. You make the choices as to how you do the clearing and why you make the choices that you do. When you see something rise to your acknowledgement you decide if it will suit you in the coming times, or if it is best for you to allow it to lift away from you to be transformed in the Light of Spirit.


As you do this, you will find there can be significant changes in your lives, for the relevance of one thing to another can be made obvious as you do this clearing. What once seemed rightly to take up residence in the back of your closet is now brought out for your observation and noted that it may have relevance to something you have recently amassed for your present time. This is good and rightfully timed, for it has newfound life in these moving times.


I ask you to take your time if you feel rushed to do this, for if you are pressed, that can indicate that your ego is trying to avoid looking at something in a different way. It could mean that avoidance is the issue of the day, and bears looking at with a heart f love. Love is the way to achieve clarity of any subject of issue, so let it flow on out endlessly.


As you go through this clearing process you will likely find that you want to categorize that which you are sorting out. You may find that the old way of clearing is not suiting your present moment, but it has always worked before, so why not now? It is because there is so much potential for all things that it is to keep it in a box to put it in any category. So hang it on the line, display it on a table, show it in a window, parade it forth when you go about your business. Allow it to voice itself in the prompting that you bring to it, and enjoy the trip as you take it through your day.


This is a time for bringing back the laughter in your life. For some time now you have been so serious! So Serious! Let go of that somber mood, break loose with a whoop of joy for no particular reason, do it in a crowd of people with a grin that would part the sea for a better look at what is behind that joy. Bring that spontaneous laughter out into the world and allow it to spread through those whom you meet, for it truly is infectious, when it is sincere.


This will assist with the clearing. Did you know that one single laugh has more moving power than a dozen movements of your body? Yes, there is more accomplished in the way of powerful energy with a laugh, born in truth and ushered forth in love. Try it and pay attention to what happens and how you feel from it.


When you take yourself into a state of bliss, you create a movement that takes hold and unites anything in its path that is open to that vibration. It is infectious and goes much further than a book of words meant to stimulate. Oh that book has power too, but that power is up to the perception of the reader. A laugh or any gesture, movement of joy and love naturally infects in some way anyone who is in range. And it lifts you up to new heights of expression, which enables you to create with much more authority.


Wouldn’t you like to become your own authority so much more than you are, that is to say, to express your authority in a way that expresses the fullness of you? This is precisely what you can do with your lightness of heart and soul. You can move mountains and write plays and create a whole new world for yourself. All you need do is continue to present your joyful loving face and self through all of your endeavors and you will find yourself flying through life with a song of creation and the accomplishment of all that you desire.


You will move mountains; mountains of troubles will part and recede forever to another shore to be transformed into waves of love that wash back to you as a tide of new beginnings. Allow that tide to wash over you and give you the cleansing that you call for this day. See this new beginning as a chance to do it differently, without the time honored way of having it spelled out for years to come. Live in the moment and give yourself the break of joy to float yourself through this moment with the ease of instant manifestation built of love and the knowing that you are what you think and what you feel in your heart and soul.


This is where it begins and this is where it goes on endlessly in bliss and recognition of who you are and your place in this grand and glorious world. Take it to the limit and then throw away the limit that is old news turned forever new.


Thank you dear Avenda,

Love, Nancy Tate