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I have questions for you today Avenda, questions that have been stirring around and burning a little flame in my gut and glowing forth into my heart. I seek the answers, and the verifications that the answers I entertain are not just pipe dreams and wonít hold up in actuality. I think they are also questions that many others have, so I am asking for them too.


Here is my first one, and it is one Iím sure that many of us have at this time in our lives. What in the world am I supposed to be doing now? Am I still in this waiting game for a valid reason, or am I avoiding the beginning of what is around the next corner? Do I not want to go around that next corner and actually take that step, even if it means a step away from what I am involved with right now?


Avenda: You are positioning yourself for a giant leap into a phase of your life that will feel so right and so completely you that you will look back and rejoice that you held on as you did before recognizing that next step that took you to a place that feels so right.


When you do that it will be unequivocally correct and the fit will be the best it has been in many years. You will see the facets that are contained in the total of what you will be involved with, and you will know that you donít have to see what those facets contain until you are ready to go into them. As you explore and live each facet of this coming time, you will be so gloriously involved with it that when the next facet comes round for your enjoyment, you will see its beauty ad embrace it for all that it is worth.


Did you really think that you would have to settle, that what you are living right now is the total of what is in store? Did you think that you would take the next obvious step and then go on with the mundane life that you feel now? My dear ones, you are preparing for something so grand, so fitting for you that you have no inkling of the splendor of it. It need not be splendid in one sense, that sense which you have experienced in the past. It can be what once you thought to be pretty commonplace, yet you will bring to it an energy that is so profoundly beautiful that you will marvel that this could be so magnificently your perfect way of being and doing.


Nancy: Oh my! I donít quite know what to say to that. It all sounds so wonderful, yet just out of reach, somehow. Are we really going to find this fairytale existence and find it soon? When would you say that we can see this change come into our lives?


Avenda: For some of you it will be right away, maybe when you next walk out your door. For most of you it will come in the next few months. There are still pieces of the puzzles that are being put into place, and most of those pieces are within you, or without, and very close by. When you are urged to go somewhere, or to do something, even if it seems to be out of place, do it. Follow that urging and find what it brings. Then follow that urging, or that result of what you have found on the other side of the urging. Take that chance, open that door. Sing that new song and do that new dance. Sit right where you are and see what comes your way. These are all the energies behind the urgings. Honor what it is with you.


Nancy: Okay, that sounds reasonable. Iíd like to ask about the political arena right now, for instance who is the frontrunner for the race for president, and how will this election change things here and in the rest of the world?


Avenda: What I can tell you about that is that there is to come a whole new way of looking at the leadership and governance of the people. There will be an upset in this race, for there is an element that will be introduced into the race in the coming months. With this element there will be certain truths that can no longer be hidden and avoided. Many heads will roll, and many lives will be overturned by what is to come forth. There will not only be truths about what has been taking place behind the scenes in the past hundred or so years, it will be hidden secrets that go back to the beginning times that will begin to be brought forward.


Be ready for some truths of the history of earth to come and be explored by all of humanity. Many people will find themselves waking from their long sleep and begin to allow the truths that they have long buried deep within to surface, some all right away, and some in dribs and drabs, in a manner so gradual that it will be as a slow awakening that brings the familiarity of a dream to the surface and into instant living. This kind of awakening will be easier for some, for they have long been slumbering very deeply and with much dedication to the illusion that has been held in place for so long.


No more will some be able to keep that veil over their knowing. Far and away there will be an adornment of truth behind every movement, every decision that one makes. As these truths become self-evident the people will join in and sing the song of truth for all to hear and all to see as their song, their dance. It will change the world.


Nancy: Sounds wonderful! Iím ready!


Avenda: Are you? Do you fully embrace the truth of what you are to do, for sometimes I feel your hesitation, as I do within some others. I am here to tell you today that there is no need for hesitation. You hold that feeling of hesitancy because you sense the magnitude of the change it will bring to your life. I understand, for your feelings have been mine. I am where you are, where youíve been, and where you are to be. I am all of you and your experience, and I tell you now that you are about to embark on a journey that will bring who you are to a realization so clear and joyful that you will find yourself flowing into it with an ease that you have long forgotten you have.


When was the last time that you entered into a venture that just floated through your life? When did you last declare that what you were doing was so effortless as to be already in the works? Be ready for this to BE your life, for it is coming on the wings of flight that you began when you set your heart to music.


Nancy: I love your way with words, dear Avenda.


Avenda: They are your words, my dear Me. Realize that, and then let them flow without hiding behind my name. I am you and we have quite a name. Think of it, you are in your realization right now, Nancy Abigail Avenda. All of you are the entirety of all of the frequencies of your names, and there are more, which you will come to know. It is time now for you to begin to BE those frequencies and to express in their united identity.


Nancy: Yes, I see that. I guess the way to do that is to do it, one step at a time, or all in the same time! I have another question for you. If when we are urged to the next step toward the fulfillment of our present contract, will it be immediately joyful and clear that we are there, or will we find some resistance to it?


Avenda: That depends on your degree of allowance and acceptance. Realize that we are speaking now of a change in the way we see things now and in the near future, as compared with how we have up till now seen them. There will be ideas that will be re-explored, dreams that will be refurbished to suit the new energies. What worked for you before very likely will not only not work, it can be downright hostile feeling to some of you.


When this happens allow your old idea of it to float away in order to feel the new energy that you are operating in now to take its place and be part of the moving force that directs you. This is vital for the enjoyment of your new way of being, for with the allowance of the new, you will find that your perceptions for forward movement will heighten and you will flow as easily as you breath.


Nancy: What about relationships, will they feel the same and can we count on using the same parameters weíve always used to determine whether or not they are sustainable in these new energies? Will we find a different way to determine staying in our present relationships?


Avenda: Realize that you are changing, and that means that the determining energies with any choices you make will be centered around not only the joy and happiness you feel, so too and very importantly it will be focused on the Ďrightnessí of it in the moment. This could mean that though you love each other dearly you know absolutely that you cannot continue with that person, or each other. Or it can mean that even in the degree of love that you have for each other there can be more, and despite any doubts that you may have, there is a deep knowing that you are meant to be together right now. That is all you have you know; right now, this moment.


What I am about to tell you may be a bit under the guard for you, nevertheless I feel it vital to your knowledge. When you enter into a relationship, whether it is romantic, friendship, or otherwise, you will be using two measures by which to be there and to remain or stay. One is the way that you feel about the relationship, the person. The other is about how you feel about the circumstances that bring and keep you together. Once you have that clear in your mind and heart, then all of the other considerations will fall into place and be understood.


This is a part of the new you. This is why you are asking these questions right now, and this is the final and first question that you had in mind for me today. You are able now to go to a place of peace and to see that what is before you is the best that you have created in the moment. You are the bringer of the dawn to your life and you are the one who gave yourself the freedom to explore and enjoy your life in the image of the God within. Go now and be who you are in the new light and the new song that courses through your being. I love you all, and I welcome the changing energies, for they transform and bring you closer to me.


Thank you dear Avenda,

Love, Nancy Tate