Wakeup Call Message
January  30, 2006


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On a day like today, many years ago the Christ Child gave a look over his shoulder and saw a rainbow. Upon the sight he felt a revelation surge through his body. This revelation was one of joy and love, for within this rainbow he saw the ones whom he had left behind as he entered into this tiny body that was to serve as example throughout the rest of time.


As he felt the reverberations that resulted from this encounter he also knew that one day he would again place his hand in theirs and he would know that it was done. He knew that when that day came there would be a heavenly chorus of angels watching over the changes that had taken place on earth. He also knew that when that day came, all of heaven and earth would be one, and the rest of the story would live in the hearts and the souls of all who reigned in kingdomdon.


I AM Sananda, and I was that Christ Child. I was the one who in that mortal body chose to come and play the part that would set the pace for a new way of being. I came for the express purpose of holding a vision next to the people of earth and to bring to them an opportunity for seeing the truth that lives within.


I knew what would take place in the centuries to come. I also knew that there would be a great foretelling of my second coming. This my dear ones was for the purpose of giving all who listened the chance to see what that second coming would represent for them. It was brought into the equation for the purpose of all to see that there would be a second coming of who they perceived themselves to be.


Yes, all of humanity is represented in the second coming. They are the second coming of Christ, through their awakening. Did we not say that we would come in a cloud? Did we not say that we would present to the world who we are and what we are capable of doing? Everything I can do, you can, and more.


My dear ones, with this second coming we are able to see what it is we came here for. Each of you came in this lifetime to be Me. You came to represent the opening that I did those years ago. This is the time to celebrate not only my birth, but the birth of the new way of being on planet earth. We all came this time to exemplify the very essence of God and to lay down our egoness to allow the Godliness in us to come forth and be heard.


Do you hear, my dear family? Do you hear the words that welcome you back to yourselves? Are you ready to take the gauntlet and lead your lives in a way that represents the abilities that are inherent in each of you? This is the time that you promised yourselves way back then when you would step out of the shadows that you created and walk in full light with Me.


I go with you now into the kingdom of heaven, and I bless the ground you walk on, even as you bless my coming. I give to you the mirror by which you see yourselves. It is grand, is it not? It is glorious; do you see the brilliance? Bask in the glow of love and allow yourselves to see the way to the future of light and unlimited abundance. Know that as you go forth in this life, you do so with all of heaven with you.


 There are no boundaries, there are no limits; there is only full steam ahead with no looking back with doubt and reserve. Pull out all the stops and know that as the boundaries fall away, you create your world in a way that represents all that you have ever wanted and intended for your lives. Be aware and tend to the thoughts that come, for they are powerful.


I go now into this day and as I walk and work with St. Germain, Hatonn, and other members of the Galactic Federation, I too walk with you. A mere whisper from you and I AM ready with the return. See the light that lives in your heart and you know me as surely as you know yourself to be God. Take the ring of gold, and take it all the way to heaven.


Thank you dear Master Sananda,

Love, Nancy Tate