Wakeup Call Message
January  27, 2005


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Once upon a time there were three wolves. One wolf had a wart at the end of his nose, while another was glistening with a coat of pure silver. The third wolf was tiny in stature, with a heart so huge and solid that it shone through in a glow that emanated from him for all to see.


One day the tiny wolf began to sing a song. He sang and trilled until the others could stand it no more. They joined in and gave a baritone and a tenor note to the songs. This brought many people out of their homes and to the edge of the field to listen and wonder in awe at what they were witnessing.


As the chorus went on there came other animals out of the woods and they too joined in with the reveling songs. They too allowed their voices to be heard in a way that brought awe to the people. As they continued there was suddenly a great hush, as if someone had turned off the dial.


The animals continued with their song, however, not a sound could be heard by them or by the people. It was a grand silence that overtook them all that moment. As the day wore on and the silent singing continued throughout the morning hours a miracle was taking place. The people were coming closer to the animals and they too were joining in the song with a grace that spoke of the oneness they were feeling.


On through the afternoon this heavenly chorus continued, and on into the night. One by one the people joined with the animals and though still singing they rested on the soft ground amid the wolves and the bear and the skunks. As they did this, they felt the heartbeat of the animals. The even heard their life-streams as they translated them into a language easily understood.


This amazed the people and brought them to tears that rolled down their cheeks. Still they sang on in silence, hearing the beautiful harmonic tones in their own minds. This was a glorious time for the people and for the animals, for the first time they joined in a common cause and were one, they were able to communicate in a way that left no mistaking their love for one another. They came to feel a peace that night they had never felt before.


As they lay beside these beautiful creatures and sang the songs of love and jubilation, the wolves one by one arose and moved to the front of the group. They stood on their hind legs and beheld with their front ones a star in the sky. The others lying in unity on the ground looked to the heavens and lo and behold a star came nearer. This star was not like any other they had seen; it continued on its path to their edge of the woods and soon they could see the body of the star.


Now the star was taking shape. As it drew nearer and nearer the ones on the ground could see that it was a ship from outer space. They could see the lines and confirmation of its shape. They could see the windows from which the occupants of the ship peered out at the waiting throng.


This is what we have been singing for, cried one of the wolves. His wart had disappeared and in its place was a miniature golden star. The other wolf with the glistening silver coat drew up to his full height and shouted a grand welcome to the visitors from that other place in the sky.


Then the tiny wolf with the huge and solid heart swelled up to a size that equaled any one person or being that could have been seen on earth. He reached for the ship as it stopped in midair only a few hundred feet from where they all now stood.


As they watched, the door on the ship opened and down came a stepladder. Then there appeared in the doorway a brilliant light in a form somewhat like an angel. This lighted form greeted all on the ground in the silent way that they had all been singing. It said that they had heard their call and had come, for it was planned long, long ago that this was to be the signal from those on earth that it was time to make themselves known. It was time for the lighted beings to come and be recognized for this was the signal that all on earth were on the verge of remembering who they were after these millions of years of sleep.


Then the lighted being floated down to the ground, and others followed. They formed a semi-circle around the animals and people and as they did they joined in the silent chorus that had not ceased even when the lighted beings were speaking with them.


This was the language of the heavens, you see. This was the vibratory chorus that brought all of heaven together with earth. This was the silence that spoke of miracles and the coming of the dawn. And as the sun passed itself out of the darkness and into the light of day once more, the patterns of color that spoke across the sky decorated the ship and the beings who all stood as one on the edge of the woods.


The sight was a spectacle never before seen on earth, though it had been told that one day it would come. In silence they all watched as the dawn played its own tune across the sky and announced the arrival of a grand new day. They knew that from this day forward the only shadows that would be cast would be the ones that came about when the people could no longer gaze upon the light and would turn their backs and walk away.


What they would see as they did this was that they were still in the light. They would not see their own shadows, for they would be blinded by the light. As they saw only the light, and could not find refuge from it, they would soon find themselves in that light, smiling back at them, and they would smile. And they too would join in the song that sung so splendidly in the heavens and on earth.


This is the promise that a family of wolves sang to the people in the village. This is the song that the animals sang to their family in the village and in the woods. This is the song that all of the people in the village and all of the animals in the wood sang out to the family in the heavens, and then they came. They came on the wings of the angels for it was time.


Now is the time, my beautiful family. Now is the time for the reunion of the angels. You are the angels and we are the angels and this is the time for the new beginning. Join me, Sananda, in the light, and we will sing the song of home forevermore.


Thank you dear Master Sananda,

Love, Nancy Tate