Wakeup Call Message
January  04, 2005


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 St. Germain 


My dear ones, there is a decided feeling in the air of a toppling effect that will stop only when certain dynasties are lying on the ground in ruin. This will be the time when only the weak will not see the difference that it will make in their lives, and as they look and as they see they will realize that their weakness was but a perception of their own sleep time. I AM St. Germain, and I come this day to assure you all that there is to be a toppling and with it there will be an end to the tyranny that has kept you all enslaved for centuries.


Need I say that there is a decided slip in the present government of the uSA? I can see in your fields that you know more than you are facing. You know in your soul that there is a continuation of the process, and that it is unerring in its flight. This is what keeps you going and what propels you to move forward at a pace that is acceptable to you.


Allow me please to point out a few facts. Already there have been strides in this process of justice. You have seen the first of the parties involved being served with indictments, you have seen a large participant in this whole affair come forward and admit his duplicity. This is setting the stage for multiple advancements in the process of justice, and as it presents itself to the world there will be a change in the way many people approach their ideas of what this government has been doing.


It may seem to some as if this will never get done. It may seem like there is an ongoing dragging of feet that is taking place. It may seem like it is too long and arduous to stand. I understand, for it has been a long and weary road for some. I ask that you keep up your resolve to see this through on the wings of angels. You are all angels and with that statement I regress to a little known fact.


I say that it is a little known fact for there are those who are asleep to that fact of who they are, and they choose to remain in that state for the time being. This too is in perfection, and this too will all come to be that all asleep will awaken in the time that they choose. That is that you are indeed angels and that you came here from Godís nest all those millennia ago with a promise and a plan.


You came here to do exactly what you are doing, and as you do, as you go through the ups and downs emotionally, you are expunging the emotions that have been buried for millennia and allowing their release to the heavens for transformation into the light that comes back to you to nourish and sustain you through these times.


As we go into this New Year and we have these great expectations, remember that we are dealing with the 3D reality. Movement in this reality is ever so slow, as you are finding now that you are mostly living the 4th and 5th dimensionalities. Remember that for those who are still experiencing the 3D they see this as the norm and they can relate to the events in the speed they are accustomed to. To have it all happen in a matter of days would send them into a frenzy of fear and denial. This I know you do not wish to see. And in this I know you will accept the speed at which this all moves, and in this you are expressing your wisdom and maturity in God.


Anytime you feel the pull of the old frustration, come to me, come to Sananda, come to Hatonn, come to any of us, come to God. We will soothe the brow and wipe away the tears we will see that wonderful smile burst forth and light up your face. We will dance and sing with you, for we will share that vision of the light at the end of the tunnel. We will know that we are there and as soon as the 3D world catches up with us there will be rejoicing in the streets and the festivities will be grand indeed.


Go now and place a ring of love around the whole situation. See that ring all alight with colors of the rainbow and decorate it with the finest gold and silver, for that is what is coming. It is to be an everyday sight and it is a prophetic vision that you build right now. Sing and dance and know you are loved beyond compare.


Thank you dear Master St. Germain,

Love, Nancy Tate