Wakeup Call Message
January  26, 2006



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My dear ones, this is a reminder to follow your star and see where it takes you. You can direct its course with your intent and in so doing will see the desired results in some cases overnight. I AM Hatonn once more. Please allow me to tell you of an instance in which a lad and his dad gave way to the boundaries that they had set for their lives.


This lad and his dad had formulated a basis by which to lead their lives. They had ascertained that according to the dad’s immeasurable experience they would do well to follow a certain course of action and not stray from that course lest they would get off center.


This had worked well for the dad, for that was what his experience was from living with his dad and his grandfather. Their scope of life was tunneled in a certain direction, and in the nature of the work and play that they did in their lives it served them well. They led a life that was intent on living within their means and that did not stray farther than their own village. They were farmers and the furthest they ever ventured was to go to market in the neighboring town, or to once a year travel to the town 50 miles away where their family reunion was held.


One year the head of the family told his loved ones that he would no longer be able to come to the reunions, for he was stepping out of the role of farmer and into the role of statesman for the national government. He told them that he had longed for the courage to step out of this life and into the other broader way of living.


Let me tell you that did not set too well with the family, for theirs had been a farming family for generations. How could this man survive the big city kind of life, and in government to boot? Why he wouldn’t survive for one year, they were sure, because he knew nothing of the political life. They tried to talk sense into him, but he silenced them with his frankness.


“My dearly beloved family. I no longer can stand by and watch what is taking place in my country. I love this country and what it was founded on. It is a country that stands for freedom and for peace. It is a country in which all people have an equal opportunity for life as they desire. When our founding fathers first came to this country they did so with a vision, and a promise to themselves and the others. They vowed that they would give their all to this new dream. They would strive to make it work and to give in to nothing that did not represent that dream.


And it indeed did work. It was strong enough to be able to come together in friendship and a strong unitedness, in honor and respect. With that ideal in mind there came the day when a group of dedicated people came together and signed their names to a paper that stated unequivocally what their intent was in coming to this new land and beginning their new life in freedom. The Constitution and The Bill of Rights, along with the Declaration of Independence are my ideal of how I will live my life. In these present times, I’m afraid I begin to see those ideals being slowly and surely eroding away. I see that the original dream is being compromised, and I will no longer stand aside and allow this to happen.


By the time this head of the family of simple farmers had allowed his words to sink in and reverberate in their hearts, they were humbled and impressed at the same time. Some of them were dumbfounded and in fear for their venerated leader of the family, for he had been such an influence in their lives that they feared for how the family would bear without him around for the everyday help. They had not seen any of what he was saying was happening to the country, for they looked only to him for wisdom and for clarity.


As the days wore on from that family reunion, all of the members took time to think about what their beloved leader had told them. They knew that he meant it and saw that he was indeed preparing to go away from that place. They began to devise a plan by which he would change his mind and stay. They put their heads together and formed a plot to keep him home.


Then the dad of whom I spoke at the beginning of this telling spoke up and said, “Stop! We must not do this. We must not imprison this beloved man, for to do so would be to kill his spirit. Why would we do that when we love him and respect him? You’ve all seen what happens to one of our animals when we cage them up and don’t allow it to roam free in the pasture or the yard we provide for it. Why if we did not give them room to roam and do their own thing, they would die. We have learned that the hard way, have we not?”


The others stopped and upon realizing what they had been proposing to do, hung their heads in shame. They knew that they had acted from fear of their loved head of the family leaving them to make important decisions for themselves. What would we do; who would help us with our lives?


The dad told them in no uncertain terms, “I say that you each will have to make your own decisions. You will find that the more that you do the better you will feel about yourselves, and the more sure you will be that you can make the proper decisions.”


This was the beginning of the expansion of the ideals for that family. This was the time in which this family took another route and opened up their vision to include the rest of the world. They created their lives in a way that reflected the idea of togetherness with the world, and in doing so they realized that they needn’t shun the world in order to make their own individual world just the way they wanted it. Indeed their lives were enhanced by being aware of what the world was doing and seeing what they could do in their own individual way to improve the rest of the world.


Those who had a vision of going out into the world to help make it what they intended, did so. Those who saw that they could have influence on the world by doing the very best they could in their own world did so. For they saw that when it came right down to it, when love and respect ruled what they did in their lives, they always made the right decision for their life.


This is what our dad and lad did. They looked at what they desired for their lives, and they had the wisdom to know that their vision could change from time to time, and that if they were not open to that change, then they could fall back into that trap that their family had gotten themselves out of in those times before. It matters not who that head of the family was then, for he represented all of the families of the world, and all of the families who live in the new nation and help to make it work for the betterment of all concerned.


Remember that when you ask yourself what you can do for your country, and what they are doing for you. Realize that there is a way that miracles can happen, and the way to plant the seed is to honor the family, and allow what is to be, and see that all is in its right order as long as the restraints are removed and the love is followed in all that you do.


This family I speak of now has eight people who have found their way to the governing body of the united States for America. They took heart when their ancestor found his way to the capital of the country he loved, and he set a precedent by which the others in his family could break out of their mold and fly like the eagles they were.


Find your freedom, and realize that in exemplifying that freedom, you give a gift to all of mankind, through your example, and through your love of freedom and peace forevermore.


Thank you dear Commander Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate