Wakeup Call Message
January  24, 2006


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My dear ones, this morning I took a look at what some of you would call a tree full of birds. I saw that though it appeared to be a tree full of birds it was indeed an umbrella loaded down with all kinds of growing matter. What is this that he is telling us, you wonder? Why do I begin my message today with this nonsense? It is because I wish to explain to you how one can be deceived by anything that is in your world, and how that can come about for a purpose.


I AM Hatonn, and in this series of messages I am winding up with a whole lot of information that can be termed useful to a great many people. I find that in this day and age one can only be as careful as one feels to be, and then far more than they thought they could.


I will continue with this tirade for only another short minute, and then I will get to the heart of this message. You will then most likely be able to see why the start of this is as I have presented.


With the onslaught of man and beast in the society of earth life, there is a coming time when there will indeed be a huge change come about that will enable mankind to move forward at an accelerated pace. With this acceleration, there will be a decided outlook upon life that will encourage the growth of new ideas and new outcomes to those ideas. At this time many ideas are relegated to the wish pile and found to be too complicated, or far too much out of sight for most people. This is not because of a decided lack in most peopleís perception, but in their memory of what they have been able to accomplish in the past and what their experience is right now.


Due to this way of thinking the developments that have come to mankind have arrived in the time that has been deemed possible. This is what is at the heart of all accomplishments. Now we are seeing that what one dreams and infers is possible is not only probable, but in some cases already in the works. Yes, this is where time is being condensed and rendered null and void. This is where the result is coming before the idea.


Can you perceive of this, or do you find that this does not compute? Is it far too radical to even make sense of? I ask you to consider this: when a man takes it upon himself to go the one step further, does he take a step backward and in so doing find the relevancy there that he missed on the way to his former stop? Think about that and see what I speak of. When upon regressing you find the missing link, do you then apply it and find that in the time sequence there was a slip in time and a retrieval of the piece that completes? Or did you stop and upon not going back find that there was no answer and give it up as lost?


This is where with your thinking you can free yourself to find the timelessness of all that you do. You can see that in the tempo of the ages there is a decided forward and backward motion. You can see that in this world there really is a time when there was no time, that time was invented by your mind, and that when you look at the circumstance from all angles you see the completeness and are able to reach in and retrieve that piece that was missed or not even in existence until the others were.


Now I return to the tree with the birds, or was it an umbrella with living matter all over it? Do you see the relevancy? Take a tree for instance. We have a large mass of living matter that has a decided shape. Everyone knows the typical look of a tree do they not? Now think of birds in that tree, they are like specks, or dots, or pieces of moving things. Some people think of them as chirping and ruffling their feathers. Some think of them as sitting and preening. Still others think of them as folding their wings around their beaks and sleeping. How would you draw this scene of birds in a tree?


Now think of an umbrella. Do you think of it upside down in a manner that would catch the rain as it falls? Not likely, but some might. Now think of it in another way, with the canopy upright and the handle hanging down. Does it look somewhat like the tree that we all can picture? Surely it does; isnít that interesting, you say. Now picture living matter all over this umbrella (oops, tree) and what do you see. Oh, really, your first idea was that of a tree with birds in it? Very interesting. I see; your idea was something that was perceived from a previous idea.


Oh, so you had a picture in your mind of an umbrella, not a tree? That is good, now what does that living matter look like. Oh, you have no idea? Well look again, what does it look like now? Oh, I see it looks like pieces of paper that flew on a breeze and landed on the tree, oh, I mean umbrella. Look at the correlation. They flew through the air and landed where?


Are we having fun? This is like going to school and engaging in brainstorming a bit? I do see that you all are expanding your vision. I see that as you go into this exercise you perceive that which I am presenting as a new way to look at things. I also see that there are those of you who havenít a clue, and that is fine for you are right where you are meant to be. Someone has to hold the present reality for a while longer in order to get this all done.


What I speak of is in this reality there is a decided balance. In this balance there are certain realities that must hold in order for certain accomplishments to take place. When the energies of change reach a certain point, then all of the world can reach backwards in time and bring the untested ideas to the front. They can then give another look at what has been experienced and give it new perspective. This can then give life on this planet earth a whole new look and a whole new way of perceiving life as it is and was.


This is how change comes about, my dear ones. This is how realities and dimensions are transcended and brought into a new idea for manifestation. Are you ready for the role you have agreed to in this changing world? I say you are. I say that for you to play your part and play it as you best can, all you need do is to go forth in your passion and see what you see.


Then from your passion and vision you can follow the lead that takes you to your ultimate destination. That is how you answer your calling, and that is how you see that there is no better or worse than one another. All of you have your perfect place in the scheme of things. And every part helps to bring this new reality to fruition as surely as the leaders are followers and the followers are leaders.


Go now into your day and see what you see. Then take another look, look backward and apply what you see in that glance to what is in front of you. You may be surprised at the outcome, for it is the timelessness that you are seeing.


We love you all and we see the vitality with which you live this dream. Go on, and be the creators that we know you are.


Thank you dear Commander Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate