Wakeup Call Message
January  23, 2006


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Wake up my dear ones and smell the roses. It is a beautiful day and the luck of the Irish is upon you. Take the time to get out in the country today and wear a smile of recognition for everyone you meet. These are the times of revelation, and in these times we will be seeing much change taking place in the world. I AM Hatonn, and on this day I wish to tell you of some facts that the history books donít tell you.


Nancy and I had a conversation yesterday as she and Bob were taking a leisurely ride in the country. She asked of many things and one of them was about the time of the forming of the Constitution of the united States of America. She knew that she and Bob were there at the time of the signing, yet she hadnít realized who they had been. So I told her; they were warriors of the Apache tribe of Native Americans. They were there in order to band together with the white people and with representatives from all of the Native American tribes all over this land to participate in the forming of The Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.


You see, those venerable documents were inspired by the Great Spirit, and in order to more accurately interpret the information as it was received the Native Americans were able to assist the founding fathers to that end. They were very much in touch with their heritage and with who they are. Their connection with the truth of life was much more in standing than the history reports would have you believe. They lived life in a way that was simple and that honored earth and all life on earth.


With this knowledge of all things just and honorable, they were able to work with the white people and advise them as to how to set forth the words on the documents to represent the intent of the founding fathers and the God within to provide a just and peaceful place to live and carry on in a way that represented the ideal for all of mankind in society.


The Native Americans enjoyed a friendship with the white folk that was not reported in history, and because of this there was a decided joyousness about the land. At the time of the formation of the new government the Natives were told that a new amendment would be formed to the Constitution that would allow them all to have a voice in the government with all rights of any citizen of this great land. This amendment would then bear the signatures of two representatives from each tribe.


This was most appealing to them, for they had not as yet been accepted as citizens with equal rights. You see, those warriors and all the other representatives of the native tribes of the land were not allowed to vote, or to sign their names to the documents. They were allowed to stand in witness to the signing, however, and that was to be the beginning to their full citizenship.


As the nativesí power grew, and their relationship with the white people grew, the military of the government saw the supposed threat to their own power and standing. They saw that they would not have the ability to keep their stand in the affairs of the defending of the country if the natives were allowed to have the freedom of the rest of the citizenry. They felt that they would overrun their authority and pose a threat to any hold that the military would have on keeping the strength of force in the country.


So they set about a campaign to undermine the ability of the natives to represent any authority for themselves in the country. They began their campaign to spread untruths and to set up false uprisings that would seem to be at the hands of the natives. They began to wage war on them, and that is when they rewrote history, and brought the present tales to the retelling of the early history of this great land and the relationship between the white man and the Native Americans.


This saddened and disillusioned the natives. They were all set to become one with the white man and then their world began to be torn apart by the skirmishes that at first were isolated, and then increased in intensity. It was a deliberate plan that would allow the truth to be muddled and misrepresented, as had so often been the case in the history of man. Slowly, insidiously the Native Americans were beat down and forced to disillusionment within their own peoples, and soon they were warring against each other as well as the white man.


This is where the history books tell some of the truth, yet not all of the truth. This is where the surface represents the truth as the military would have it be known, yet the truth underlying it all was that the Native Americans felt abandoned by the Great Spirit, and gradually their connection to the Creator was weakened to the point in many cases of complete denial of their inherent beingness.


However, as in all cultures and ethnicities around the globe, there were certain ones who kept the connection, the knowledge of the truth, strong and secure. These medicine men and Shamans kept the truth and passed it down through the generations. They were told that this was part of the great plan and that there would come a day when the truth would be known to all. This kept them going. This kept the purity in reserve for all of the world to one day know that the Great Spirit has always been here with mankind, and that one day all would be united across the land.


Iíve brought this story of the truth of that early time in the history of this united States and the people who lived on the land and shared the resources in order for you to gain a more accurate portrayal of the Native Americans in the founding of this great nation. Without the participation of those great peoples there would not be as clear a representation of the word of The Creator as there is contained in those venerable documents that formed the basis for a governance for and by the people.


They were the lifeline of clarity that helped to form this great nation. Now perhaps it is time to welcome them back and to create that amendment that will give them equal rights among the citizenry and to allow them to assign their signatures with the other founding fathers.


I leave this message now with the thought that you all may now understand with more clarity what took place in those days of the forming of the country. See the truth behind the history, and know that each and every one of you had a place in that truth. Now is the time to swing the pendulum back and to allow the original intent of The Creator and mankind to come full circle and to see the sun shining on a whole new way of being that took root in the times of the founding of this great nation.


I see a star rising on the horizon, and it is silhouetted with a brand new image. I see a Native American on horseback and instead of a spear he holds to the sky a great sword of gold that glows with the illumination of truth. A child reaches up to his father and catches the moonbeam in his grasp. The Native reaches down and brings the child to his seat. Together they brandish the glowing sword to heaven, and the child raises his hand on high with the moonbeam ever-expanding till it reaches over all of the land.


All over the land people are rising from their beds to see this wonderful spectacle. All are in awe, and tears are slipping down cheeks from eyes that once held a vision. That vision is now living in the hearts of these people, and as they once again close their eyes to sleep, their souls soar and begin the process that brings heaven to earth and closes the gap forevermore.




Thank you dear Commander Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate