Wakeup Call Message
January  16, 2006


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My darling ones, letís take a journey this morning on a trip that will astound, a trip that will overtly give you a sense of peace, and tranquility that you have not felt for a long time. This is a journey that will propel you through the channels of your mind to a place where there is neither strife, nor war, wastefulness, nor famine. This is a place where all is grand and all is in the order of the Divine. This is a place called Heaven,


Greetings my dear ones, I Am Hatonn and I will lead you into a new paradigm that is coming to this universe, and in this journey you will find much that is pleasing to the eyes and to the touch for it will take you into the unknown and render it known for now and for always. It will be so, for you will have created it in your own unique way.


Relax and take several deep breaths, pausing in your intake to hear the rhythms of your soul. This is your lifebeat and it is your own identity. This gives you the pace and rhythm by which you set your course through your journey. Hear it with your heart and know it to be Holy.


Now take one more deep breath and breathe into the knowledge that you are serving yourself in a way that is going to give you a glimpse into your future. Know that as you venture into your future you share it with others on planet earth. Feel their presence and know that they too experience this wondrous journey with you.


Now you are ready to take the first step into this new world. What do you see; is it a light and how does it speak to you? Are there fanfares to announce itís arrival, or does it come to you gently and with an ease that speaks of your intelligence to know this light and to allow it to be what it is? Either way, it is perfect, for what comes in like a lion can slow down and purr as a kitten along the way. Its fanfare is but a way to get your attention.


Now that you are captivated you take another step. Perhaps you hear music. Is it lively and full of fun making you want to dance? Then do so; allow the rhythm to stir your body to awakening. Allow it to move you to depths you have not accessed before. Allow your body to go where it will, without bound and in sync with the universe.


If the music comes in as a flow on the waves of sound and settles your weary mind into submission, then allow the tones to imbue their softness into your world. Allow the jarring edges to melt away on the tones of love and peace. Stir your heart into a gentle accompaniment with the beat of your own body rhythm. This is the way to heaven, no matter whether it is the lively road or the one that soothes.


Now that you are deeply engrossed in the journey and the sense of sight and sound are appeased, what is the next sense that is titillated? Is it the taste that stirs your mouth to a temptation that beckons? This temptation melts away as you surrender to the sensation. The taste that drew you melts away as it is sated merely by the surrender. Was that not a treat to be drawn, and in the drawing be satisfied by surrender?


This is the secret ingredient, my dear ones, to be sated by surrender. To know that in giving yourselves over to Spirit you will be given all that you can ever intend. Is this not the way to Heaven? Is this why you came here? What is it that you desire and see for your life? This is the time to bring that forward to announcement. State your intent and know that it is already the case, and within your reach.


That is how it is done, my dear ones. That is the way that you gain the role of creator. That is what heaven is about. This is where you experience the results of your creation. This is where the world that you create comes into being. Now you can relax even more into your new world and see how it looks. You can experience it and live it in any way that you desire, for it is your creation.


Go ahead, live the dream. Look around you. What do you see? What does the place where you are standing look like? Is it a village, a large town, a city? Perhaps it is a field of daisies and your cottage is off to the side. Maybe you have created a lakeside bungalow and the ducks are swimming in a pattern of love.


See this world you have created, and once you have this first place surely in your knowing, venture out into the rest of your world. See who is there, and feel the love that is emanating from everyone and everything. What does it look like out there? What kinds of things are there? What are people doing in your world; what kind of vehicle do they drive, if they do? How are they working, and what kinds of jobs have they chosen? What work have you chosen, and do you consider it work?


Take all the aspects of your former life, the one you left when you went into this new world, and see how much of it has changed. How does your new world compare, and what of that former life did you bring along with you? What in the former life did you feel was worthy of your new life? How much of that life did you expertly master into this new idea of your ideal world?


Pat yourself on the back and announce your gratitude for the wisdom to be able to bring that which you desired for your world into the new one to perfectly create the totality of the new world. Know that together with Spirit you have created a grand example of what it is to create Heaven. Know as well that you didnít have to leave earth to create it, for here you are on earth as it is heaven.


Now you look at the aspects of society. You look at the business and industry. You look at the governance of the world. You observe the people as they go about their daily ministrations that make the world go round. You see people empowered, do you not? How are they expressing that empowerment? Are they making decisions for their lives in every way they intend? Do they determine how to live their lives and how to justly and fairly treat their fellow humans?


How does this populace relate to one another? Do they see the equality of humans and do they respect the individualization of all races? Do they share in the cultural differences and rejoice in the diversity? Are there ethnic variations that are celebrated and made known to all as joyful?


Congratulations, you have created the world you intend to live. You have brought your world into the new golden Age and you have created Heaven on earth. You have wielded your magic wand and created the lush forests and meadows and plains healthy and vital. You have cleaned up the atmosphere, the waters and the soils. You have restored the vitality to all of earth and you have done it in record time, for you saw the vitality in your dreamtime. You saw that in this clearing you had assistance from your cosmic family, for you were able to recognize that family.


You knew that in the doing you were uniting heaven and earth in a way that they had never been united before. You were able to remember that you are Spirit and that you are an angel walking the earth and coming from the stars lo those many eons ago. You remembered why you came here and you acted on it with your love and light. You brought heaven to earth by being wholly who you are, and it didnít take a thousand years. It took but one heartbeat, one blink of the eyes, one deep cosmic breath, and then you were there.


In that heartbeat, in that blink, in that breath you created a world that shines. You were able to bring to perfection that which had been rendered ill and without joy. You had brought to completion the years of darkness and the eons of tyranny. You had cleaned up your home and you had rendered it all whole once more, pristine and grand as a brand new baby.


Bask in this picture for a while. Stay as long as you wish, for it is yours. Come to this world as often as you desire for it is always here for you to remind you of heaven on earth. One day you will wake up to the fact that you are always here, and the other world does not exist for you anymore. That is Now, and that is your reality, as you choose.


You know that the pleasure is in the journey, and so you make your decision as to when you slip back into the potential of this new world and join in the journey. You keep this vision strong in your senses, for it keeps the juices stirred. You revisit whenever you desire, for the revisit brings it all back to refreshment. This is Heaven on earth, and you all have created it. Take the journey and know that it is yours to experience.


We are right beside you, all the way. We take our places in the scheme of things and we see that you are aware of this. We see that you intend to do this for the rewards are great. You know that you are the reapers of the bounty and that all is well in your world.


We salute you and we join you in your joy, for the meek shall inherit the world, and you have seen that. You have seen that the meek are those without resistance to the strivings for power. You have seen that the  meek are the mighty and the powerful in God. And that is you, my dear ones; that is you.


Thank you dear Commander Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate